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    I am sorry to see the passing of Jon Cole. A very strong person in his life and had a good throwing career. He also officiated at ASU meets in the late 60's and early 70's. It was in my first meet of 1971 when we competed at ASU, Cole was the head discus official and on one of my throws, I felt my foot touch the top of the circle and I told Cole, the official that I fouled. Because he missed it, he went on to let everyone know to watch my feet on the next throw. And the throw after that. I told Jay Silvester, my coach, to back me up because if Cole said to watch my feet, and bash me, I'd be given him a poke. Good thing Jon didn't say anything again about my feet, as I would have lost my life!
    Now about lefties, I show video of right hand throwers, and if I have a lefty, I have them watch the video looking through a mirror. they see the right hand thrower looking like a lefty.
    Again, Jon Cole, RIP

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    Yeah, and I'm here to tell about them! Oh that was bad, sorry. Here's another one. Ed Kohler, a tall discus thrower back in those days, stood 6-9 (I think) finished 3rd at a meet in Bakersfield, and I think I finished 2nd, and he recieved a small 9v radio for his finish. We were all in a room in the hotel, holding this radio, and his hand smothered the radio, like holding a domino piece. He made some remark about it and I replied, being a smart ass, and his remark was, "SEE THESE ARMS!" (They were as big as my body! and he went on to say "I'LL Throw you out the window!" Yep, I liked to pick on those big guys! But didn't alot of the older guys pick on their competitors? Like Perry O'Brien doing things to say, Silvester! Spiking his drinks! Yep, Brad, sometimes I'll say things just to upset some. Can't a big guy have fun?

    published at Mar 7th 2013 1:57pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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