"The Ring" archive entries from Mar 5th 2013

  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    You could do some Crossfitty stuff offseason for GPP, but the focus for throwers should be the development of explosive power and top-end strength. The oly lifts and powerlifts cannot be performed exclusively within a context of a hi-rep circuit because the training effect will be on metabolic conditioning and strength endurance--more suited to a member of a wrestling team than a thrower.

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  • Quote from Brad Reid

    He placed second in the discus at the 1965 NCAA Outdoor Championships and, again, anyone as an open thrower who can claim a victory over L Jay Silvester finds himself in a very small and exclusive club, certainlty at Cole's height of 5'10". His winning throw at the '69 Open Nationals was a meet record of 208'10" and I think he had a legitimate throw of 216' to his credit at some lesser or more local meet.


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  • Quote from drbeaufay

    In addition to the throwing, I remember that his distinction in lifting was having attained the highest combined "Supertotal" of his era between the combined powerlifts and Olympic lifts. Tony D. can probably confirm.

    Also notable was his classic 70's beard and resemblance to James Brolin in "The Amityville Horror"

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