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  • Quote from Kap

    What an amazingly cool idea... and kudos to the guys who threw in it! These are some of the less traditional ways we can show off the throws a bit more.
    Special javelin comp @ our June 2012 Throws Festival in PA; current 800; "old rules" 800; current 600, "old" rules 600; Vortex Howler football. We're gonna need a landing area over 100m long :)

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  • Quote from Freddie

    Thank you for posting that last one. There are many different types of people on here and we all like to speculate that we all know how it is or how to do everyone else's job better. Annoying as this is, it is a common effect of any push for knowledge and only in testing the old can we bring about the new. Your expertise and point of view are a nice change of pace from some of the usual know-it-alls(myself included) that post regularly.

    ps.....the idea about having an hour to throw your best within that time frame regardless of number of throws is genius!

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    I wrote a post several days ago that didn't go. I talked about the surface of the Ring. Someone said, you can't please all throwers on the ring surface. And, a glider might want a different surface then a rotary thrower.
    My SP Ring last year became very fast. One when it was poured in 2002, it had a fast surface on it. So in 8 years with water and sun beating down on it, plus the movement of throwers, it became really fast, My throwers didn't mind it, for one they were on it every day. Other schools didn't. They blamed the problems their throwers were having with the ring being fast. Of course, when you watched them, they were not balanced or had poor technique. They were to fast and out of position. Since we were having our championship meets at our place I acid washed the ring and calmed it down some. Just a hair slower today, but still a nice place to throw.
    In the post I wrote several days ago, it was for Jeremy/Slug. What he was talking about his ring, I'd say he would need to replace the ring. Not much else he can do.
    And for London, Hopefully the ground crew people will have a plan to make the facility the best it can be. Rings and throwing area should be simular. If they aren't, then the person in charge of grounds doesn't have a plan of attack. No knowledge of what we are talking about.

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  • Quote from Kap

    Our 1st Dana Zatopkova (1952 Oly champ; 1958 WR setter born in Sept.) Sale starts today! All Polanik Class I competition javelins (600, 700 & 800gm) are 20% off regular prices. Limited to stock on hand, so call, fax or email us w/ the sale code "Dana" for your 20% discount. Sale ends Oct. 30 or when stock runs out.
    "Back to School" sales are so old fashioned ;)

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  • Quote from Don Babbitt

    I wanted to make a few comments about the Warsaw meet, which I thought was very interesting. About the spinners, Armstrong and Cantwell, throwing the light shots less that Majewski,I tend to not think it is a glider vs spinner thing. I think both Cantwell (who can throw the 8kg about 70 feet) and Armstrong (who I think can throw the 8kg the same as Cantwell) train with the heavy implements and throw them well. I look at them as "pushing" spinners whereas people like Hoffa, Nelson, and Whiting are slingers. Slingers also have to be more "on" with their technique to get big results in my opinion as well. I can tell you that Hoffa and Nelson can throw the light stuff very well, and aren't nearly as good with the heavy shots. I think this is all due to the way they train, which again shows how they approach the event from a technical and rhythmic standpoint.

    Having said all this, in terms of spinners, I think the "peak" you see from them is based more on rhythm, just like a golfer peaks (meaning they get in a grove and play well in a series of tournaments). This is for the "slingers", of which I would also put Jacko Gill in that category as well. It is not as much a case of physically peaking. So, when you see a spinner throwing well going into a major, you will usually see them do well. Fortes was a great example of this in Daegu. For example, if you look back in 2008, no Americans were really throwing that well going in Beijing, they were at their best back in June of 2008.

    I also wanted to clarify one thing about my proposal about standardizing the rings. I was not intending at all to give any one group an advantage. If we were to go to a standardized ring I would think it would be a very "middle of the road" type of solution with a ring that was not too fast or too slow. This would probably be the fairest type of ring surface. My impetus for this proposal was not so much for the rotational shot putter at all but I was really thinking of the hammer throw more than anything. I look at that ring in Prague where so many different guys have thrown far, and think if you took a survey of all the top throwers they would say they love that ring. Prague seems to have good results in the hammer every year they have it, and why can't we have a "good" surface like that at a major championship every time. There is always a "good" running surface (meaning a fast Mondo surface, not the slow stuff you put down for a training track) at the majors, why can't we have the same attention to detail for the throwing events. That was all I was asking.

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