"The Ring" archive entries from Dec 20th 2010

  • published at Dec 20th 2010 12:51am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from tomsonite

    I have a coupon for everythingtrackandfield.com, and need a new pair of shoes. Anyone have any reccomendations out of the shoes available on this page?


    They're out of my size (11.5) in the new nike SD3s. I'm thinking I'll just go back to what I've always used which is the Asics Cyberthrow Beijing, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried those vs. something else and liked them better. I'm a hammer thrower. Thanks in advance for any reccomendations.

    published at Dec 20th 2010 4:48pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from Big Adam

    It depends on what kind of sole you like. I have always had two shoes in my bag. A slow pair and a fast pair to cover all ring conditions. I have used the Adidas Adizero for a couple of years now and am convinced it is the best throw shoe made. I used Nike's all through college and went through two pair a year. I am on my second year with my AdiZero's and still going strong.

    Hope I helped.


    published at Dec 20th 2010 11:24pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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