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    You come on here and bash Europeans and Gliders, namely European gliders, at every chance you get. You tried to make a point before.. Woods told you, Udo Beyer stepped into the gym and benched 600 x 3.. You said in a previous post, "Former East Germans much stronger"..?? I assume you were comparing them to USA

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    I fell that many things have changed over the years in the USA discus. I think that for 1, many people are not supporting the efforts of our throwers and discus has gone to the back burner. There was a time when USA discus was premier. I think that that there were many big discus competitions in the USA. When I say big, I don't mean the olympics but big comps with international throwers. Discus has been hurt a lot by this change. Nowadays people talk shit about our throwers competing in big winds here in the USA. Many have talked shit about me. But what I see from our better times is that many of the best international throwers were coming to the USA and they were competing in these big wind meets frequently alongside our best. I think that these competitions made a huge difference. I would love to compete in Salinas or Lubbock against many of the top throwers in the world! Now Gerd comes to train and compete but You will not see many of the other legitimate best unless there is money involved. Who cares about the world record anymore. Probably right now only Gerd. This shows you a lot about our potential and our downfalls. When athletes were coming up with the development of these records and they were broken frequently, people wanted them badly. Since Shcult, very few have even made this type of competition a priority. We need more big comps in the USA. We need more exposure to the highest level of throwing. in Eugene this year I was 3rd behind Piotr and Kovago at 66.95. probably my best comp ever. i couldn't even get a spot on TV in the USA. I went to Zurich and got my ass kicked in 8th place and they still didn't show discus in the USA. But in Europe, I have people walking up with my picture for autographs and they know my stats. Very rare in the USA. Not that fame is important but when people care, it's important to perform and not just for money. I work full time and train. So does Casey Malone. From his statistics in Worlds or Olympic, distance wise the only throwers that have outperformed him from the USA are Washington and Wilkins. He doesn't have any medals though but he performing at a very high level. Very few people care anymore. The best discus thrower that we have in the USA is quite good, has a full time job as a coach, is a very nice guy and doesn't dope. I wish that discus was important in the USA. As for the shot, I think that we have been very accepting to the rotation and have shown masterful use in implementing different styles that make each thrower take advantage of their skills. In discus, I feel that we are more close minded and not ready for variance. I don't know perfect technique. We can't know but we do need to know how to throw farther! Who cares if the technique is "perfect" if we don't throw farther. We need the technique that allows for more distance. In Eugene, I walked away from the ring knowing that I could throw 1m farther and win the meet. If this happens frequently enough, I will find the passion to challenge and learn a way to do it. I think that this is the advantage that the guys from the Wilkins era had. They knew better how to compete, they knew better how to feel and to experience. They had strong passion to overcome their competitors and it made them innovative. If I say to everyone here, you need to find a way to be in Argentina in 24 hours, everyone will say why? If I say do it for nothing then nobody would go. If I say when you get there 10 million awaits then many would try. Nobody would know how to get there but the motivation to get there is more important than the plan initially. I think that in discus, there are many good plans but little motivation to carry them out. We need conviction!!!! Sorry for the long post

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    i have talked with many throwers and one east european thrower suggested that you didn't even roll, the right leg was virtually passive and the left leg kicked powerfully back, and the right leg followed, coming off the heel, and exploded when left leg landed or grounded.

    that would require great power and timing.

    published at Aug 30th 2010 11:49pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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