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  • Quote from Hank Slam

    Rather than a two turn why not re-visit the hammer turn entry of Hans Derek Nue? He had his left foot at 12 o'clock and faced 3 o'clock. Kinda like some hammer throwers do on their intial wind. With a full wind up he then did a heel-toe pivot off the back of the ring and completed the throw conventionally. Neat article in "Track Technique Journal" circa mid 70's.

    Norm...I also think the shot spin is or has evolved into something different than the discus. I've posted on all this before and quite frankly I'd rather just keep my mouth shut and have the extra time to go train than post it all over again.

    Ron McKee

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  • Quote from w8coach

    I see both points here and they have equal merrit in priciple. Only one seems to amek the most sense.
    2 turn: Effectively adding two turns would allow the thrower to enter the line up to the throw with added momentum, further unweighting the implement and added to the potential for speed of release. The thrower woul have to be extremely balanced ON TOP of the lt foot on both passes in oder to enjoy the same balance in the middle so they could impart the most force against the implement.
    One turn: I am a fan of the Sylvester? Wilkins method of using the lt hip and the lower of the COG to generate linear force across the ring mush like the unseating from the crouch in the glide in the shot. This requires the throwrs lt hip to NOT pass over the lt leg but inside between the leg and outside the lt toes to the middle in order to get this linear force benefit. For the two turn that would mean one turn over the lt foot and the next turn would be insde the lt foot with the added momentum.This would be difficult to master at best since it is not easy to do with one turn.
    For that reason I'd have to say taht for me , I think I would focus more on the master of one turn than the mastering of two turn, especially if I were in the middle of my career. I may experiment with two turns to see if I could come up with a way to solve a difficult balance out of the back.
    The discussion soulnd like that it needed clarity for both side. Hope this helps.

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  • Quote from wrucky

    Yes this is the part of the throw that I am finding the most difficulty with. I figure I need to set my COG a little towards the front of the ring as I am beginning my first turn, then when I am finished my first turn I already have some forward momentum, otherwise if I just spin around in a circle, it is very difficult to then generate forward momentum, I am still working on it and my only real indication is feeling because not many coaching concepts have been formulated about the 2turn.

    This is me about 2 weeks ago, I have made a bit of progress since then:


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  • Quote from Kap

    I would suggest you sink/squat a bit more on the left in your single support in the back on both turns; better balance and position on the first will lead to better left leg exit use in the 2nd.
    And land the right more quietly in the transition from 1st to 2nd turn. The loud right foot shows a loss of energy/momentum.
    Fair bloody dinkum, mate! And keep using metres... the US needs to join the rest of the world.

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  • Quote from w8coach

    If you send this to me in a wmv format I will break it down into pics at specific, critical points. I have never had any success with youtube vids as they don't like the moviemaker program.
    For the two turn, my belief is that especially on the first turn the balance point would be entirely on the the lt foot or the entire second turn will be off-balance. This is a precision timing move. The juice may not be worth the squeeze.

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  • Quote from w8coach

    I cringe on the backing into the ring as the cause of this effect is the over use of the UB to make the turn to the middle. It totally lieaves the lt leg behind and the initial move is unbalanced. In Al's early years only, he got to the middle of the ring in a rough fashion but the long sweep of his lt arm changed the entire complxion of his throw as it gave his LB a little time to make up some ground and it stretched his chest.

    published at Aug 27th 2010 9:48pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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