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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Negative, closed minded, Not! Telling you all that taking on a 2 turn technique throw would take time, alot of time. Is that negative? Putting in another turn, closed minded? So my question to both of you ? Would you both want to do this tech? my answer, great, next Question? Why? What is your thinking on the pluses of the 2 turn? Then my question is what do you throw from the front/stand? What is your throw with the full throw....1 turn? What have you thrown from the 2 turn? When I see the results then we can talk more. Many throwers lose out of the back of the ring and the orbit. Balance in important. closed minded.......lol

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    I am currently training with a 2-turn and have been for about 3 weeks, I have a competition in a little over a month where I plan to use it. I will tell you the results as you wish. Don't laugh at other people's ideas, we are trying to throw far isn't that's why we talk on this forum? If you think an idea will not be productive then politely tell this person of your theories as to why you don't think it would help, otherwise, please don't speak, because then you are holding back the sport from progressing.

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    it caused balance issues and the loss of orbit....I got that out of his reply, you didn't? (Coach R)

    So if someone could throw the cartwheel shot 60 are we suposed to jump in and see if cartwheeling throgh the ring is viable? I agree, I really don't ever see a 2 turn disc catching the main stream. As with anything I suppose you might gain a minimul distance but I just cant see the balance being achieved and still being able to throw 70+.

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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    I have been following the various "discussions" with great interest. I think it has been a healthy exchange of ideas, although the name-calling and personal attacks I could do without. I just hope we don't have "I have had it, this is my last post on The Ring" frustrations!

    Technique: I could be wrong, but I will venture that if you were to read and follow w8coach's philosophies on technique, you would find more real-life examples of discus throwers than rotational shotputters. The "sweep the left, wrap in the middle" just doesn't happen as often in real life examples of discus throwers. My humble opinion is that the requirements of the shot are such that the technique has evolved in to something different than discus. The disc is at arm's length, it is relatively light, it is slightly aerodynamic. The shot is close to your body, it is relatively heavy, and not aerodynamic.


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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    The first question? How good of an athlete are you. YOU SAY "I DON'T THINK THIS QUESTION IS ENTIRELY RELEVANT?" I Think it is. To Throw the discus, you need to be a good athlete. In many ways. Mind, Strength, Speed, Coordination, flexibility and much more.
    I don't thinks 1 or 2 months is enough time to perfect this technique.
    Your one who doesn't believe in standing throws? See I do.
    When you answer your questions they are in meters. So do you live outside of the US?

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