"The Ring" archive entries from Aug 25th 2010

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    I have to believe that we are truly fooling ourselves if we think the sequel to designer drugs isn't being used or developed. Is gas chromatography and mass spec still the testing tools?
    It is so hard to believe that thrwers are significantly stronger tahn their drug using 80's throwers, yet stll clean. I don't get it either.

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    In the shot put there was Udo and Ulf, I don't think anyone today is as strong as them from my knowlege. Same as discus with Bruch, Bugar, Ubartas, (I don't think Schult was that strong from what I've heard) and in the hammer, aside from yuri and litnov the majority of those finalists were reeeally strong. Not sure about jav.

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    I seem to remember Ulf Timmerman commenting on the ring when he was still posting, that the strength levels of Sarul, Timmerman and Beyer were not dependent on what the number was but how they got to the result. I do not have the exact quote but he said that how they got to the result had to do with the longevity of their success and/or was based on their strengths/weaknesses (body differences). I guess that todays athletes might seem different, but if we look at how they get to the results compared to some from the past, maybe we would see some similarities. Maybe someone who has knowledge of how todays elite could shed some light on this.

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    Fair enough on the avoidance of war, that's my wish too.
    I think what others suggested and I originally suggested is that there are certain aspects of the throw that have to happpen for every thrower (balance, rt foot pivoting, lt arm blocking, etc). When we take a perfected model of the movement and not the perfect body model of a thrower , and try to maximize each respective aspect., there are going to be similarities. I don't subscribe to the every thrower is different theory when it changes the tech responsibilities of perfected tech. That's an excuse.
    I've coached a multitude of throwers over the years and each has had specific tech issues to contend with. Although I have treated each as individuals the basic pfinicles still apply to al. It is just my job to get them to maximize those principles. If you want to argue that I cant see the point.

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