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  • Quote from Babyhuey

    The call should technically be a change, but when a correction like this outweighs not only the event but a shot at a team championship you have to let the miscue happen. A similar call was made in baseball a week ago...everyone knew that Jim Joyce made an improper call, but people make mistakes in these situations (they are only human).

    I actually had a similar call go my way in a conference championship meet where my 120-130 discus thrower (senior) threw a throw that I missed because shot put was going on at the other end of the field that went 145 ft. Everyone was going crazy about the call that the official screwed up and so were coaches. In this scenario you have to try and get the athlete away from the maylay first and foremost. Considering I did not see the throw I could not make a judgment and especially it was his senior season. The official let another athlete into the finals and that thrower never threw any farther to move up from ninth. At the time it seemed like the appropriate call, but sometimes people just have to deal with it. Life sux buy a helmet!! ;)

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  • Quote from Happy Thrower

    Does nobody beleive in this anymore? Seriously, if you see a shot fall short of a mark and its read farther - man (or woman) the heck up and let the offical know. Sure as guns if it had gone over the line and been anounced shorter than it was there'd have been some talking.

    And yes, I had a throw misscalled by an offical (2m to my benefit) and I politely said, uh Darlene, Im pretty sure that it isnt that far, it was rechecked and I got what I really threw. But Im getting older and things must have been different in my day, LOL.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    wow I had never heard that story Bill ...not sure what I would have done ....I do try to position myself so as WHATEVER happens it would not effect me ...so if the ring catches fire ..I'm ready....in this case I would let him do whatever he desires ...for me to play his game is getting the attention off me and onto him which is not what we want..whereas if I do nothing then every throw there he is thinking of me while I concetrate on my throw also thinking of me.
    the story you tell is a very bad picture , and I would say no competition is worth losing your soul over , I mean how would he feel had he really upset you , competed poorly and not make the team? I for one would have NO satisfaction making a team when my main competitor was knocked out by MY own bad intentions. wow what a story to hear after all these years .....and even then you were still the best of your era ...very good Bill. I have always thought that to make the team we had to be not just prepared but overly prepared , you learned that lesson for sure.

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