"The Ring" archive entries from Jun 2nd 2010

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  • Quote from Kap

    I'll be doing my usual free javelin clinic at the New Balance (was Nike) on Fri, June 18 from 9:30-10;30am. Joining me will be 1972 Olympic medalist Bill Schmidt, who is also back for this years Field of Dreams camp (July 11-14). Bill is going to award medals to the boys & girls medalists at the meet. Bill and I will video the comp and provide video review to any coaches, athletes and parents interested after the medal awards are given.
    The NBN is a USATF run meet, so rubber tip javelins are not allowed. I will provide several 600 & 800gm models for athletes from "rubber tip" states or those who fly in without their personal implements. FYI- the last 3 girls champs have thrown javelins I've provided... the same Nordic model each year! Will this be 4 in a row? The runway at Greensboro will be great.... after the NCAA meet last week I asked them to move the foul line back about 5 feet so the athletes will have a "new" runway to throw off of. Looking forward to seeing a lot of young, talented throwers and some big results!

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    For You that have talked about pressure of throwing in competition, some have said that they worry about fouling, some say they limit the throws in warm-up before comp and others say this or that. As a thrower, yes we want to get our best throws in Comp. Thats what we work for. Why do we foul? Is it because we are not balance at certain times in Technique? What do we do in warm-ups? Throw and Throw? or do we do things that get our minds and body ready to compete. In the HS area's, do you see kids run or skip or turn or do they just stand in line waiting to get a throw or two. What does the meets in your area do for warm ups? How many throws do you get. 2 warm ups? 4 warm ups? What do you do in between? Talk? Someone said their thrower threw less in comp then in practice. So that young thrower might have mental blockage? Is that thrower prepared to throw in comp? Did we as coaches prepare that thrower to compete? Is that thrower in comp trying to compete against the other competitors? Or, competing and concentrating on what they are doing? Is that thrower relaxed? Confident? or are they stressing? worrying ? Not all there mentally? Are they caught up with others who love to get into minds to cause disruptions before the throw? Naw No one does that? Then someone said that there thrower should see a sports , what about the coach seeing one?! Many factors in handling pressures.

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