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  • Quote from Glenn McAtee

    was an American Junior record, surpassing Walter Henning's 68.75 from a couple of years ago. This is another great sign in a list of great signs for hammer in the US.

    So, in the last month, both the girls AJR and the boys AJR have been broken. For years, the consensus was that we couldn't be effective at hammer without having it in the high schools. I still think that adding it to the high school program in a couple of the big states would help, but in the meantime, there are plenty of coaches out there who are gettin the job done anyway. 70m as a 19 year old is a very credible result. This is in the same class as the junior results of a number of the throwers in the All Time top 20.


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  • Quote from Glenn McAtee

    Looking around at results after my last post, I see Shelby Ashe threw 59.79 in the hammer yesterday. If I am not mistaken, she is still a youth athlete (17 and under). Her mark would have won World Youth last year, and looks like it is going to be a new junior class record.
    More good news.
    Now somebody post some more good news in the world of young people's throwing.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    A really world class spinner usually gets over 10 feet on his stand throw vs. his full turn throw...some really great spinners get up to 15 feet ...in fact it is one of the ways you can tell you are really using all of the ring and getting everything out of the technique.
    BUT I was thinking someone like Cantwell who benches way over 600lbs might NOT actually be getting 10 feet over his stand. Even though his technique does look solid in most respects ...does anyone know what Christian's stand throw is? I am thinking he may be up near 65 feet from the stand which would be giving him ''ONLY" 7 feet or so....point being that perhaps the 10 foot differential is NOT an indicator of good technique, as Christian clearly has that.

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  • Quote from Gary Cooper

    Other Good news for youth throwers. we are starting to get kids involved with the hammer here in our town of Troy, Missouri.
    Erin Atkinson drives out from St. Louis to throw with us. Paul Kennedy her coach has brought her along very well. She has just hit 172-4 with the 10# yesterday and looking forward to her first competition. Then we have a Junior that has only thrown the hammer 12 sessions and she is also doing well with the 10# hitting 142-6.I have a Freshman that is 6-6 and his first day was yesterday with the Hammer just working on some over head throws. Leah is a 8th grader that has a pr in the discus of 130 and the 6# shot of 46-6, a rotational thrower. We are looking forward to her starting with the hammer.along with a few others. No where to throw close by that's why we put a 12x16 Hammer pad in my front yard near the discus and another shot pad. Our son Brian has been throwing the hammer for a yr as of next month and will qualify for the trip to Iowa later in June. It helps to have a place for these kids to come over and train on the throws along with being able to lift.They enjoy the time hanging out with other throwers and eating pizza etc that Sandy makes. I have kids driving here to throw from several different high schools and towns as far away as 70 miles. That's very cool to see how dedicated our youth throwers can be. I was involved in Olympic style weightlifting for over 30 yrs when the throws bug got me back in 1994 and was asked to volunteer to help them at the High school.What a way to see young talent develop.
    And yes we have kids throwing the Jav as well. I had gotten one of Kap't's ( Jeff Gorski) Javelin dvd's. If you don't have a copy send the man a check for $10 or more and you'll get your moneys worth. I have several Javelin tapes, dvd's over the years and I enjoy the info in this more than any of the others.
    So anyone else with good news of our future with these youngsters coming up, go ahead and Post it for us Ringers to see what's happening around the Country.And let's do what we can to promote not just the high school events, but let's get the Hammer and Javelin in more States for these kids to have an opportunity to experience these fantastic events before they get to College.

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  • Quote from tomsonite

    When separating them into separate blocks/cycles, you want to build strength first. You want a good base of force generation in your muscles (ie, just being able to plain old move heavy weight) before you start worrying about power (how fast you can move moderate/heavy weight). The more strength you have, the more potential there is for developing power. Develop strength, then turn it in to power.

    That being said, its not the only way to do things. There are many conjugate periodization schemes through which you can develop power and strength at the same time. The one most talked about on here is the "westside" method used by a lot of power lifters. Though I've never tried it myself, there's plenty of literature out there showing that it works. Just some food for thought.

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  • Quote from Kap

    fitness. Before you ever worry about the weight room be sure that the athletes can handle body weight stuff and have a good base fitness level. Running (distance, long- 100 to 150m- strides and acceleration runs), body weight exercises like pushups, chins, walking on hands ("wheelbarrow" style and actual hand stand walks), bounding, climbing ropes as well as basic gymnastics (tumbling, cartwheels, balance beam walks, dips) and swimming should fill the first 4-6 weeks of an annual training program of any thrower before you ever walk into a weight room.

    published at May 9th 2010 11:20pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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