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  • Quote from long&loud07

    On the other side of Adam's argument..what about those meets when you felt like complete dog sh*t until during the first couple throws, screeched in sideways to the finals and caught your rhythm on the last few attempts. There are great things about having 4 throw meets if everyone is "on" but those times that you are "off" it could be the worst thing possible.

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    I have a beef with the whole attitude outside the throwing areas in regars to the throws. It begins in HS whne a coach on the track says , " Well this kids can't run or jump so they must beable to throw." No problem with a kids giving it a chance and seeing if the throws are a fit but they shouldn't be left there if they can't throw at any competitive level at all. Why don't the running coaches leave those kids on the track?

    More importantly, why don't we have minimum meet standards for all events? We have a hundred kids at a meeet throw 15 feet in the shot, of course the meet is going to take forever. Some coaches want to flood events in order to pick up any scrape points for that victory that may keep thme in the hall of fame. If a kid sees a minimum standard that is out of their reach to whatever degree they can make the decision to to either try to attain the standard and get to the meet or they can decide that the juice isn't worth the squeeze and not clog up meets for those who are capable of meeting the standard.

    Four throws is rediculous for many reasosn. In meets that have more than one flight, you never have any head to head comp, you are competing agianst a standard.Three prelims, nine to the finals, three morethrows in a meet of 40 throwers, has less throws than 4 straight throws for all. 4 X40 =160, 3X40 120 +3X9 = 27 147 total. Measure every throw. It takes the same amount of time to walk over to the place where it lands with the tape as it does with the friggin pegs and there is nothing to knock over.
    I could go on but won't. Bottomline is that most of these rules are made by coaches other than truethrowers. They step over a dollar to get to daime. My Venting.

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  • Quote from Big Adam

    Down in Southwest Missouri what you described is pretty much the rule. In fact it is pretty much every meet until our Conference Meet or a larger meet hosted by a university. I was at a meet the other day where the official running the discus would scratch any thrower who did not wait until the discus hit the ground and she instructed the to leave the circle. I approached her and told her this was not in the rule book. She rudely told me that if I wanted to start a protest I could do so but that she was told she could run it however she wanted. She was only giving each thrower 3 throws as it was and when I asked about that she said that she didn't have time for all that crap and there were too many kids anyway. There were only 24 kids total!!!

    Alas that is how it has always been.

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