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    was a 105m+ throw w/ a 600gm javelin by Boris Henry down at LSU in 1999. I was there working w/ Tom Pukstys for a few days and Boris, Raymond Hecht and Peter Blank were all there training (Baton Rouge was nicer in April than anywhere in Germany at that time of year). Boris was in his last training session at the end of a heavy 2 week cycle of lifting, throwing and plyos. After a nearly 2 hour throwing session Tom broke out an 60m 600gm spear and Boris took 3-5 throws with it, trying to relax and find some rhythm even tho' he was clearly spent. He finaaly went on auto-pilot, blew into a great block and launched a screamer: the crowd watching him all reacted loudly at the release then when quite for a few seconds while that javelin flew and flew until it hit the chain link fence at the end of the field: you can hear it on the video I shot of the throw. The javelin bounced thru the fence and just missed sticking in a window of a city bus passing by- if it was a red light rather than green it would have been a direct hit. Base of the fence he hit was 104m from the javelin foul line. Frickin' awesome and the subject of much chatter over beers and Jagerbombs that evening.

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    Mike and many other throwers of that era came at a time when not all WC throwers got supprt of any kind and he was bitter about it. It really took away from his capabilitiy to throw really far. I remember him warming up over 71' at Stanford one year. He got too excited and ended up throwing around 66'

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    The 10th annual Klub Keihas Throwing School will be on March 5/6th weekend at Cocalico HS in Denver, PA. Among the top coaches/instructors at this year's clinic include Bill Schmidt, 1972 Olympic bronze medalist in javelin; Roald Bradstock, 1984 Olympic javelin finalist and master record holder; Glenn Thompson, HS coach of 70'/210' thrower Ryan Whiting; Toli Welihozkiy, coach of top young discus and hammer throwers plus many other highly successful HS, college & post college throwers. For more details on this great event, including schedule, registration and more, click here:http://www.coachkrall.com/2010Clinic%20.htm . Registration fee includes all instruction, handouts/booklet, snacks and lunch buffet. Clinic website also has discounted hotel links. Hope to see many of you there!

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