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  • Quote from Big Adam

    I have had the same experience. My meet PR was 57' with a few warm-ups and practice throws in the 58'-59'. I went into our conference meet in the best shape of my life and my last warm-up before finals was over 61'. It was my only perfect throw ever as I was totally capable of keeping it in the circle and it was competely effortless. I still kick myself to this day for taking that one last warm-up.


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  • Quote from GOKats

    I had the pleasure of explaining to some lacrosse players last night that i would have the respect for their sport not to walk across their field during a practice, and that they at least owe us the same. I also told them that if they walked in front of my throwers again, that i wouldn't stop them from throwing. What is so hard to understand about not going into a gym when you see a practice going on?

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  • Quote from CanuckHT

    We have the same problem and we have barriers up so that balls and players can't come flyin' on the the trak or throwing area. This evidently doesn't change anything. What's MORE is that the bball and vball players feel free to warm up jog around the track while our sprinters and hurlders are doing their thing and our distance crew is doing a workout, we have a team of over 120 athletes in our "pool" and suffice it to say there is not much room left for them and they are completely oblivious.

    I have planned (date and time TBA) to hold a throws warm up and practice on the courts (nice to turn on lol) to gauge the reaction.

    Stay tuned for the results of this in depth, yet anecdotal research.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Many years ago I was throwing at a middle school track, and I was liking this place because the wind came in from the right quarter, like about 2 o'clock if your throwing to 12! It was a nice setting and I was happy with my throws when out of the blue came this white round object, bouncing on the ground towards the throwing area. See there was a berm around the track, no stands, but then it reminded me of the old western movies where the Indians came up over the mountains to attack the cavalry. (this is why I call soccer/football a communist sport) there must have been 50 + people of spanish decent coming walking/running/kicking balls and having no decency or respect to me already being there. They didn't have the field reserve, but nether did I. But I was there first. I politely asked a person who was running the track to call the local police department. They arrived, but by that time I was finished throwing and with the current event, I packed up my half dozen plates and moved on.
    Now just think, if someone was in the landing area, walking across and got hit by your implement, What CNN or Fox News would do? or their lawyers? If its your place of training, put up a sign to cover your Rear. Have the administration know of your intentions. Throw safe and far!

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  • Quote from Kap

    This pretty much sums up a throwers regard for lacrosse.....
    in 2000 when several elite javelin throwers (Raymond Hecht, Peter Blank, Juha Laukanen, Harri Haateinen and Mikke Ingburg) were training here in Chapel Hill for April/May. After a morning training session Raymond and a few others were relaxing with several Winstons (I've never seen people smoke so much and I live in a tobacco growing state!)when the Brown Univ lacrosse team came rolling onto the field to do a pre-game day workout. Raymond, who had never seen lacrosse before, asks me "... what is this game with the funny sticks and bird cages on your head?" I explained that it was a sport played on the east coast and he replied "I must watch this sport and learn." Less than 5 minutes later Raymond's comment: "This is not a sport, it's a waste of oxygen."
    From my experience w/ lacrosse players and coaches from my first meeting with them in 1973 to the present is the vast majority are rich, spoiled a-holes who have always had their way, thanks to daddy's cash. They don't respect anyone's anything- they grew up with that attitude.
    I suggest they play the game as it was originally played by the Aztecs: losers get their hearts cut out.

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  • Quote from jayess

    Nick Vena did it again. The Morristown bomber extended his US #1 mark and national junior class record in the shot put tonight with a 71-5 to highlight a remarkable series that consisted of four throws over 70 feet. The meet only permitted four throws
    .Vena, who came into the meet with a national season best of 71-3 3/4 that he threw at the Morris County Championships last Wednesday, also had throws of 70-8 1/4, 70-7 3/4, and 70-0. Vena, a junior, is now exactly one foot beyond his indoor best from 2009, which came when he hit 70-5 to win the National Scholastic title last March. He has now topped 70 feet a staggering 27 times in his career.

    published at Jan 26th 2010 8:25pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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