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    The reason for the great success of this organization is the amalgamation of the many shades of our throwing world, from high school athletes and coaches to NCAA Division I, II and II participants to the international web of communication between the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Mates Down Under. We need your continued support to keep the growth of this special platform, fortunately we don’t need money (although that would be nice), what we do need are reporters, story tellers, eyes and ears and people who want an active role in the shaping and sharing of our throwing culture.

    Roles may include:Writing of articles
    Interviewing of athletes
    Live updates through text of video of competitions
    Other creative expressions of throwing: Art, etc.

    People who may be ideal for this role:
    Professional Athletes looking for a platform to increase visibility: you’ve got the talent, we’ve got the platform to spread your awareness
    Collegiate Athletes looking for experience in sports journalism.
    College Coaches looking to expand into the throwing community
    Throwing Nerds

    Still interested?
    Apply here: Apply with a brief cover letter of who you are, why you want to join throwholics and what you can bring to our group. Video, interviews and stories are what we crave, got some? Share some! And Join the largest, most close knit, multinational community in athletics, ever.

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