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  • Quote from Kap

    probably don't have the ability to to exceed 21m because of hip structure/power. the anatomy of women's hips (horizontal joint insertion more than vertical as for men) means there is less ability to support a vertical load or generate vertical explosive power: there are lots of 6'4" women NCAA basketball players who cannot dunk but almost every 6'4" male hoopster can. And, as Viking has stated, why try a style that requires more power than can normally be generated due to the structural issues: more strength is needed to support or stabilze the hips during the throw and that will reduce the power passed into the ball. The simple biomechanics of support or lever anchor from glide to block is easier for a weak hip athlete to achieve good release speed as there is less instability to fight than with a rotational technique.
    A tall, athletic woman like Cuban Misleydis Gonzalez with relatively narrow hips might make a good rotational thrower but there is so much more in her with better glide technique it would seem that is the path to follow.

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  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    Just because Gourley lists the 5K, 6K and #16 class records in evry grade every week, it doesn't mean kids should be competing with every weight in every grade. There shouldn't be a senior class record in the 5K, and the overall record should be perhaps an "undergraduate" record-- up to 11th grade. The year you turn 17 is the last year you are eligible to throw the 5K.

    Similarly, kids shouldn't compete in the 6K until they are a sophomore plus throwing a certain distance with the #12 with good technique. The #16 should probably only have a HS records--not class record to discourage underclassmen from throwing it--what's the point?

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