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  • Quote from ironman

    Some people have trouble dropping down in implement weight; they lose their nice rhythm and long acceleration path.

    They think "boy, now I can really smack that thing!!"

    Crouser trains light on a routine basis to develop "feel". And, of course, until you have thrown something lighter far, you usually don't get off a plateau and throw your competition implement far.

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  • Quote from tomsonite

    My guess as to why a heptathlete like Dobrynska can throw the shot fairly far is because she is light, relatively speaking. By not carrying much extra mass she's able to move a lot quicker, so she gets more speed behind the implement. The lack of muscle mass relative to women's shot putters is probably what doesn't give her the extra momentum/power to throw the shot world class distances.
    Extra weight might be a problem for women though - simply due to different hormones (i.e. not nearly as much testosterone as men) it's harder for women to put on lean mass without gaining fat at the same time. If you look at a lot of women shot putters, they don't seem to be as lean as their male counterparts. Having that extra weight won't do anything but slow you down. Not trying to insult anybody, just stating what I've observed.

    Also, did anyone see the "giants of track" video on macthrow, that shows Cantwell, Nelson, Hoffa and Taylor in super slow motion? Its a pretty cool video. While I was watching it, I noticed that all four of those guys open up out of the back with their upper bodies...their left arm swings open and gets ahead of where their left knees are pointing.
    I've always been taught to stay closed out of the back and through the whole throw. The difference is, all of those guys manage to "re-tourque" in the middle and hit a nice, wrapped up power position anyway. Does anyone know if the left arm swing out of the back is an intentional part of the technique for any of those guys? Or is it just a result of trying to get out of the back quickly?

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    I'm missing the "ICE CREAM & BLUEBERRIES" tonight, Guess i just need to stroll over to the frig and make my own, but its not the same. Spent last week in Eugene. Had my chance to talk with Dwight Rockhead, Didn't. Did see the official getting tagged twice. twice almost in the same spot! second time he ran and the discii searched him out and tagged him. Many coaches talked about "Focus" and stressing the front of the ring with the arm and then talking about balance. And I'm missing the Ice cream and berries!

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