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  • Quote from throwfarusa

    I do agree that America has fallen a bit behind compared to the Eauropeans in throwing events. Shot put has been our stapple but don't forget we have 2 of the best young hammer throwers in the "world" coming to age soon. That should be fun to see if the can put the USA back on the map when it comes to Hammer. Also, We have some very young talented Javelin throwers poping up. I think in the next 5-10 years you will start to see USA breaking into these "other" events and doing well to boot.

    Man-among boys....How about a sophmore throwing 70'ft in shot...

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  • Quote from jayess

    When you come across someone with exceptional performances you can take one of 2 approaches. You can either admire them and give them credit for being a great athlete, or you can accuse them of cheating. Lance Armstrong knows all about this phenomenon. If there was a way to cheat at professional golf I'm sure Tiger Wood would be accused of doing it as well.

    Which approach is chosen probably says more about the person doing the observing than on the person with the great performances.

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  • Quote from tomsonite

    McCullough and Henning are nothing special on the international hammer scene, we just think they are because Americans aren't used to seeing our hammer throwers throw farther than everyone else.

    The world junior record in the hammer is over 82m. A number of kids have thrown over 80m. Now, to clarify, I'M NOT TAKING ANYTHING AWAY FROM WALTER OR CONOR. What they have accomplished is great and certainly nothing to be scoffed at, and I hope they continue to improve and show the world that America can indeed throw the hammer.

    I'm just putting things in perspective. Henning and Conor are incredible hammer throwers, no doubt. But they are not on the same level as Nesterenko.

    published at Apr 3rd 2009 12:16am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from tomsonite

    What top American shot putters over-compensate technique for strength? What European shot putters are clearly technically superior to americans?

    While I'll agree that our top throwers in other events are not as technically sound as the Europeans, I don't see this with the shot put.

    What I REALLY don't get is how everyone still has this idea that Americans are so much stronger than all the European throwers in the weight room. From everything I've read and heard (many of it from the Ring), your average world class European thrower uses the weight room just as much as any American, and THEY ARE JUST AS STRONG as any American. Hell, just a few days ago, someone said Kanter squatted 280kg(618lbs) for 2 reps! How many American throwers are squatting way more than that??

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  • Quote from wrucky

    Yeah jayess is sortof right, as amazing as nesterenko's performances and physique are, there is no proof or even evidence that he may be over age aside from his amazing distances. I guess i am just pissed off because the best junior ever happens to be the same age as me hahahaha.

    We will see if he continues to improve but for now, nothing to suggest that he is over age.

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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    So if was actually 26, 65m is just an okay throw. What gain would there really be competing at the junior level and throwing all these distances? Yes, he would be a cheater, but it's not like he'll get a big fat shoe contract or anything. How many youth phenoms have panned out later? Just look at age group records, some familiar names, but a lot of unknowns there.


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  • Quote from tomsonite

    drbeaufay made the analogy I wanted to, that Nesterenko is just this generation's Michael Carter. Michael Carter was way ahead of everyone else his age with the HS and senior implements. Of course, he eventually levelled out and didn't go on a world record, olympic gold medal tear like everyone thought. Perhaps this was just because he got sucked in by football, like others have mentioned. We'll have to wait and see what happens to Nesterenko.

    Another note, a few have mentioned Vena throwing the shot 70 feet...thats exactly what Michael Carter did, he threw 70 feet with the 12 lbs as a sophomore. Can't wait to see what Vena does in the next 2 1/2 years!

    published at Apr 3rd 2009 12:29am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from Kap

    will change little as long as sport here is school based rather than local or city club based, especially in the learning of correct technique at an early age. By and large there is little sharing of serious technical information between coaches at rival schools: there don't want to see the competition improve and cost their team points or the coach's job. And the new structure of USATF has little funding for serious development programs of weak or technical events so we will continue to see massively strong shot putters, and talented but wildly erratic discus, javelin and hammer throwers. A world of potential and a spit and bailing wire support structure for it.

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