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    as a volunteer coach, i have been blessed with 3 state champion discus throwers. all have been undersized by most standards, 2 barely topped 180 lbs, but yet threw 184 and 189ft. they made the most of their strength training, but had excellent technique, and perhaps the best positive mental attitudes i've seen. last year my sophomore thrower also won state. good technique, bigger build than my 1st 2 guys, but yet his superior strength didn't help him as much as technique and PMA. mentally he won because he he didn't let the miserable conditions affect him. throwers need to be strong, no doubt, they must have technique. you can't slight one without harming the athlete. just my Joe Blue Collar analysis!

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    I think tht Hilltopper's quote that has been used in a couple of posts has been taken out of context as I said in an earlier post. I don't think anyone on this board would dismiss the useful strength in the throws and deliberately not use the weigthroom to their athlete's advantage. The point is what is the most important piece of the equation here, just being strong or throwing with proper tech? If an athlete can't execute the movement properly, then I would say get them as strong as humanly possible in order to make up for tech deficiencies. If they have great tech, get them into the best useable, throwing strength possible. The debate will carry on I'm sure but it is important to not take a qoute from one person out of context to prove another person's point.

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