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  • Quote from w8coach

    The only way things will improve is for the athletics unions from across the World to unite and educate the TV people about what we are discussing at this very post. It may never happen but I do think if you take away the ability to to warm up properly at the other meets, you are limiting the the pusuit of the WR's excetera.

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  • Quote from PowerTrainer

    "The spin is obviously a viable technique. I think that glide advocates are not saying "spin bad, glide good", I think that they are saying that the glide needs some serious revisiting."

    I am glad you see the point here, thank you. The glide does need to be revisited and not bashed by a lot and said that it's big performances were due to steroids. Also, that big performances in the glide have to be from drugs.. That automatically makes people give up on it... That's a bad message for kids from grammar school to Collegiate levels.

    Thanks Norm !

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  • Quote from 70footer

    someone asked what is WHITE MANS DISEASE ?, was that you Viking? well, it really depends where you are when you get it...if you are on the track and someone says "that guy has white mans disease" it generally means that you are not very fast...Jeremy Wariner used to be fast but now is not as fast , hence the term has come down with WMD ....however ,if you are on a basketball court when someone accuses you of having the disease ,then it would mean you can't shoot...and if you are on the dance floor and someone says ''wow that guy has WMD" then ya just ain't got it dude....being as you VIKING have never heard the term , one can only suppose that you are very fast, can shoot the basketball very well, and in fact got all the moves on the dance floor!!!

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  • Quote from Viking

    Haha !!!
    I'm glad for Wariner it's not an actual disease then !!!
    I really believed it was something serious...

    I can assure you i'm not the best dancer around nor good at basketball...some quickness i do still have ,although for each and every one of us there comes a time we're good only for cross country skying (as per the original post)...better later than sooner of course.

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  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    The superweight to weight conversion for men is about 2/3. The weight is 5/8 the weight of the superweight.

    For women, the 20 is a little less than 2/3 the #35, so I would expect a conversion about 60-65%. I think Dawn threw the weight in the upper 70s so I would expect 50-55'.

    I am not privy to any major nonmaster superweight comps since Christian Erb's 2000 thrower's meeting.

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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    To found out the actual distances, UCLA do not seem to dominate as they once did, I would venture his throwers have been more like 18-19m as opposed to 19-20m. I do not know if he has become a spin only coach or not.

    A viable reason is that at the collegiate and HS level, these guys are doubling and it is simply easier to teach one technique. granted there are some differences, but the basics are the same.


    published at Aug 24th 2008 10:34am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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