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  • Quote from Dreambrother

    Going off on a tangent to what Dan P said, do some spiiners have a choice? I'm talking about shorter throwers. Would Adam and Reese have reached 22m+ with the glide? The average height of world class throwers has reduced since the 80's because the spin has allowed many smaller athletes to throw world class distances (Note I said 'many' not the odd one like Fuerbach)

    Thoughts, Disagreements?

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  • Quote from kiltedthrower

    It sort of hit me when Dan P. put in his post under "Spinners a choice" yesterday was when someone decides to train themselves they see all the big throwers are spinning. It appears that the throwers in most of the other countries like Belarus, Hungary, Poland, etc...don't train by themselves. Maybe that is really a big part of the issue here....too many kids on the grade school and high school level don't get good coaching. Maybe that is why they choose football or basketball over throwing.
    I had the pleasure to hear stories from Hal C. and Boldi about the hammer program in Hungary. Watched video about the young 8year old throwers throwing in the same facility as the best throwers in the country in a ring near them. When they get good enough (a goal for them) they get to move to the ring with the better throwers and then move to the ring with the best throwers. It is a system that is funded by the gov't and they are coached by one coaching staff the whole time. I would imagine the other throws are the same way.
    As far as height of a thrower (dreambrother post) goes, I believe Al Feuerbach was only about as tall as Adam and Reese and he would have had a distance far enough in the glide to win the gold medal this year. I really think it still boils down to which technique for you personally gives you the highest velocity at release.

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  • Quote from mattmega

    im really suprised by an OR performance by thorkildsen. i didnt think there would be any 90m throws, but this is probably the best result for the rivalry between he and pitkamaki. They are both still young and now the norwegian has won 2 straight olympics while tero was world champ in osaka. perhaps they will push each other to break that "unbreakable" world record by the man himself. speaking of zelezny's 98.48m, people talk on here all the time about which throwing record will never be broken and the javelin is rarely mentioned. i dont see anyone throwing even close to that far again.

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    I agree with everything that Viking stated earlier, but I also agree tht Hoffa and Nelson would not even get to the finals of the Olympic trials if they were gliders. I think that Nelson finds a way to get evey possible thing from his body to throw as far as he does.

    But looking back at this past season, I feel that our shotputters were all at their peak in late February and early March right before indoor Nationals. I remember when Nelson hit his big throw at the Tyson Invitational, that he was still doing his heavy lifting. It was the same at the NCAA level too. At that time of the year we had at least the top 5 throwers in the world

    So maybe training and competing longer during the year is not the answer. Maybe it would be a good idea for our elite throwers to scrap the indoor season in Olympic years and not start doing any hard throwing till April or May. especially when you are over 30, the body can't take that long competitive year.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    I heard one of the announcers refer to the fact that ONLY 4 athletes had made the finals for the USA men in the field events....our 3 shotputters and 1 pole vaulter. and the only field event medal went to our own CHRISTIAN CANTWELL. so a little extra congratulations for Christian inlight of this recap.

    mens discus, hammer, javelin, long jump, high jump, triple jump...no USA mens athletes made the final and no medals in any of those events...that has got to be a first ....

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