"The Ring" archive entries from Aug 21st 2008

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    3 Olympics and 2 medals! I coach junior college and the only shot putter they know is Nelson! I mention Barnes and they think I'm making a farm reference. Don't even ask them to spell Timmerman. You're 'the american thrower' to almost a whole generation and they'll carry that with them like older guys carry Barnes, or Godina or Bloom or Oldfield or Matson or to most of the Rose and Sheridan guys who have passed...

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    it is not just the mens 4X100 relay team that dropped the baton , the womens team ALSO dropped the baton and are out of the games.

    lets talk a little bit about coaching....between the shot result, and these two teams now out of the games there seems to be something missing in the TEAM part of the program that is leading to this. all the athlets have thier own coaches and regimine , the only thing an OLY coach can add to it is TEAM they are all part of the Olympic team and should be held accountable to get with ''some'' program that will get them thru the first couple rounds...even in the shot....act as a team and it would take the pressure off...then after the third round go balls out and do YOUR best, for you, but let the team come together and rely on each other....this is the key ingredient in SEAL team hell week, and those that get it make it and those that don't drop off....look at the USA basketball TEAM that is why they win now...they act as a team , and I feel it works for relay teams and shot put teams the same.

    published at Aug 22nd 2008 12:29am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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