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  • Quote from Lambo

    There's a spot on espn radio they keep running with Jeremy Schapp talking about the "greatest Olympians" ever. He talks about the credit Phelps is getting but says take into consideration he's in a sport that has a lot of events he can win in. He goes on to mention Oerter winning Gold in 4 consecutive Olympics and rhetorically asks if he is "less great" because he "only" won 4 golds.

    Thought it was cool and a good thing to share.

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  • Quote from ram

    Coach w, I'm hardly "sniffling" only making observations over results that have happend so far, which are lackluster in many events. Getting "used to it" is not acceptable so no, I won't "get used to it". That's what makes the U.S. so great is our inability to accept losing as common ground- this is called tradition. Perhaps Stephanie Brown is laying the foundation for this in the women's discus. I hope so. My little girl has already taken quite an interest in it. Once again Go USA!
    ps. I have a heart and a great life (3 kids, no mortgage, and I make a fine living as a stay-at- home mom).

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    in 1999 at the US Nationals which were in Eugene, Tony Washington had long throws (219-222 area) and threw from a short base and was about 12" from the front of the circle.

    I've seen Steph throw from either a short base or long, as noted last year in Maui. One day think it was the first, she had a short base and the second day her base was wider. So, here's the question of the day? Does it matter?

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  • Quote from Mr.Incredible

    When the US wins, the coverage increases. Tonight Stephanie will be featured on NBC during the track coverage right along with the womens pole vault and the 400 hurdles

    Not since the great Mac Wilkins in 1976 has the gold in the discus gone to the U.S. for men or women. 32 years is a long time.

    Great job Stephanie for putting the American Discus back on the map

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  • Quote from 70footer

    I think you got that right Mr Incredible..........Stephanie Brown Traftons victory is ON PAR with Mac Wilkins victory in '76 and might be even bigger...Wilkins was suppossed to win, whereas Stephanie was not expected to perform at this high a level. We have been talking about Mac in the light of a superstar ever since and I imagine Stephanie is in for much the same treatment....so along with Mac Wilkins , Mike Stulce ,and Randy Barnes...now Stephanie Brown Trafton will go down right next to them as the greatest amercian throwing Olympic champions in history...only Al Oerter towers above all these american throwing athletes.

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