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  • Quote from 70footer

    VIKING...you were there? in 88? yes you are correct , my attept to be subtle is lost...you are TOO WELL INFORMED to fool!!! my point being that ULF did what he did and nobody could stop it but Greg did NOT do what he could...the PRESSURE stopped it. and you may also be right about Bolt....that may not have been a peak ,unbelievable as it seems!

    I just think that while Reese and Adam are certainly the best of this generation and have lost nothing in that regard...there is a certain gift that can be won by competing well at the Olympics...it is not the the gift of a medal but the gift of a champion and what happens here will either kill you as a competitor or make you as a competitor. I think what Christian did will come back to him for the rest of his career and because of this competiton he will realise his potential from now on ,and thats a scary thought for most throwers , Cantwell with focus ,confidence, and not only a physical edge but a competitve edge!! wow!

    so while being at our physical peak is important , I think the mental peak is more important and most often overlooked.

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  • Quote from Shu

    As a masters level thrower (shot and disc) I find it interesting that alot of the attention is on choking as it relates to the shotput. I think perhaps we (US) focus on the wrong things. Is it better to 'peak' or to win!

    Consistency is the thing I think the Americans don't do well but the Europeans do better. How many times did our big three throw farther than the Oly Games winning toss. I think the problem is they may have tried to 'peak' - and to me that is way over rated! Be consistent at a high level all of the time instead of trying to throw it out of the park all of the time.

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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    First - if you haven't seen it, it was incredible, never such dominance at that level, won and OG final by .20!! No wind, slowing down!

    I was checking some message boards and there was talk about the different sports and someone was skeptical of Bolt and TF in general and commented that swimming was a "relatively drug-free sport. Is there anyone with swimming knowledge that can verify/dispute this?


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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    Bubka in the PV was a master at this, he set numerous WRs by cm increments. BUT, he could CONTROL it, much more difficult to do in the 100m. If you ever saw film of Bubka, he was unreal, there were lots of times where he could have jumped the WR, but then it was more lucrative to set the WR multiple times. Who knows, this may be best he can do.


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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    I don't think Bolt is an idiot. Did he need to run faster in his WR Race? Now comes the $$$$$ ! What kind of pay check or BONUS will he get when he does go...9.5 !!!

    Mind Games? Harold Connelly tells the great story of Mind Games. In Short, going to the Russians training area and placing a divot farther then the Russians divots and placing a American Flag in it!

    I'm waiting till tomorrow to write more !!!! Wammo

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    Those guys make big money every time they break a world record. Sergey Bubka, the famous pole vaulter from Russia, would break the WR by a fraction of an inch rather than going for broke so that he could get more paydays. I suspect we will see more WRs from Bolt shortly, which will make him a very rich man.

    published at Aug 18th 2008 9:37am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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