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  • Quote from Torque-converter

    Amazing how NBC can find a whole 6+ minutes to show all 3 of our 800m girls not make it to the next round, but not have enough time to show throws that take 1.5 seconds from start to release? If they spent equal amounts of time on the throws qual as they did on the 800m, we could get clips of every thrower in the comp.

    Maybe we can get them to show throws clips after false starts on the track. This is normally the time that we get to watch sprinters shake out leg muscles, stand around, sit on the ground, or on the lane marker, drink water, and spit on the track.

    Or better yet we could get some more updates on how much lower Michael Phelps left testicle sits than other athletes. Or more info about his genetically freakish size 14 shoe and 6'7 sorry I meant to say 6'8 arm-span. Oh did I mention that he eats Chuck Norris for breakfast and craps asteroids.

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  • Quote from Hunter

    I don't think the result is a spin v glide issue. As I posted earlier the issue is the long, super-competitive, American track season hurts the US throwers.

    In order to make the team and earn a living, the big 3 have had to throw far for the past 8 months. Guys from other countries don't need to be competing at the high a level for as long and aew thus more prepared to throw 69-70' at the olympics.

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  • Quote from Mr.Incredible

    I said the same thing that you said a few weeks ago, but I think that when the spinners are competing in the Olympics versus an all comers meet. the first thing that they think about is "Dont foul, Dont foul" as far as stepping out of the ring. You know that big Cantwell has to be thinking that. In turn I think that effects their fluid motion out of the back and their really not attacking the board as they would if they were more in relaxed conditions, Whereas a glider only has to be thinking of hitting that middle positon with as much torque as possible (Ulf Timmerman style) and their not too concerned about fouling as much, because they know where their center of gravity will be and where their feet are on every throw.

    There is no doubt that the glide is more consistent, you just wont see a glider pop off a huge PR like you would in the spin.

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