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  • Quote from Lance

    A cue I have been using in coaching (never did it myself) comes from sprint mechanics. Try lifting the toes toward the knee on lift-off and and landing in an ankle dorsi-flexed position. That's for the right leg for most of y'all whose distant ancestors weren't unduly persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition for eating with the "wrong" hand.

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  • Quote from TrojanCoach

    58 of 117 possible medals hardly denotes poor performances... Put your biases aside and deal with the reality of the situation. If I am not mistaken, of the last nine medals in the Olympics for the men's shot put, five have gone to US throwers. Just where are these poor performances coming from?


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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    Guilty as charged. "Post every day" was a way to keep my mind on throwing, and keeping up on what was going on. Trying to be clever and it didn't work. I was forcing myself to write dumb posts. Okay, dumber than usual. As my kids get older, thankfully they are involved in a lot of activities, so that takes up some time. Summer is usually prime time for me to post, but with floods and vacations, I feel like just now I can concentrate enough to post responsibly.

    During the flood cleanup, I did to a one turn dishwasher throw. It was pretty cool, people were impressed as it landed over the pile and in the street.


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  • Quote from Don Babbitt

    I am not quite sure how the points you are making are different than the ones I am making. To answer your question about Bilonog, I am sure his appearance fee went up after his Olympic win, (and was bigger than Hoffa's at the time), it usually does for everyone who wins gold. However, Bilonog has not done much (meaning actually compete) since the Olympics and seems to be pretty well taken care of by the Ukraine from what I have heard. I am sure this cut into his motivation. This seems to be another case of very strong sponsorship by the Ukrainian federation/government for throwers, which is something we don't have in the US. Nothing wrong with it, just pointing out the difference.

    Back to Belarus and Mikhnevich. What I was trying to point out is that he appears to be in the shape of his life. I think he has thrown over 70 feet 5 times in his life, and now he has three throws in one meet over 72-2. There were just three big meets with shot put very close to Belarus that he passed up on. He could have flown in and out of each meet no problem. Doing those meets shouldn't derail his training at all if he is any type of competitor (I think he is a very good competitor). Why did he pass up $20,000+ for a weeks work, and all those GP points (he has 0 right now for the GP final). I just don't get it, it doesn't make sense. When you are in good shape don't you want to compete? I don't see how doing those meets would be bad for him. The explanation that he is waiting to get paid after the Olympics doesn't make sense when comparing it to the Americans situation, whoever wins will get the big appearance fee regardless of where they are from. As for sponsors, US athletes are only allowed one (see IAAF and USATF rules), and that is Nike for Reese, Adam, and Christian. If they win they still won't be able to capitalize on the sponsorships that tennis players, and F1 racers, etc... have. Mikhnevich should have no problem capitalizing on BOTH the meets before the Olympics and do well at the Olympics too. I am sure there is at least a 60% chance that Majewski will PB at the Olympics, and he did well at Stockholm, London, and Monaco.

    All of this was to illustrate that Belarus has a concerted effort to help their throwers which few if any other countries have. The article that came out in 2003 said that if any athlete won gold they got $100,000 and a flat. By US standards this would mean something like $1,500,000 and a $500,000 condo possibly. That is big motivation to go for the gold at all costs, especially an Olympic gold.

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  • Quote from Richard Ulm


    Weather it has been stated or not, I think the purpose of your comments is to prove that the American shot putters are not all that great. That is fine. Depending on what your standards are, you might have good justification for your belief. However, American shot putters have been consistently good for a long time. As amazing as winning and Olympic gold medal would be, the greatest athletes in this sport performed well consistently, throughout the season and in subsequent years after the games. Consistency and performing well against good competition is what greatness is all about. The Olympic are just another opportunity (a big one at that) to perform well against the best in the world. Reese Hoffa, for example, has been performing well consistently for the last 2-3 years. He has thrown far in good and bad weather, against good competition and bad. He has legitimized his greatness as a shot putter. I find that more impressive than hiding (avoiding competition) and then showing up for one meet and winning it, Olympics or not. It is clearly a difference of opinion, but I would rather be consistently dominant for years than throw far in one big competition and then fizzle away.

    I don

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Many many years ago, the movie makers would do sport movies, to name a few, The Jackie Robinson Story, Jim Thorpe, Knute Rockne, Wee Gordie. So now, there are many athletes that could have a story to tell and a movie done on them. The Al Oerter Story, 4 OG, artist. The Tommie Smith Story, WRH Gold in Mexico City and John Carlos..."Why!" and that is just a few thoughts, but currently we have maybe Reese Hoffa, on where he came from and where he is going! and the story line would be great for younger kids to watch. Guess we could say, let see in the next few weeks what happens and then will Hollywood do anything to make a hit!

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  • Quote from Don Babbitt

    Thanks for the answer. It is appreciated. I just wanted to make a few comments about Olympic preparation. In Reese's case doing the meet in London was part of his preparation. He needs to compete every few weeks to stay sharp with his timing and technique at "meet speed". For him, and I think for every spinner it is about adjustments the day of the meet. Staying at home doesn't help when the meet is far away in an unknown stadium. Going into London Reese was in the same shape this year as last year. Last year he threw 22.43, this year 21.13. What was the difference? The ring for the most part. I can pretty much tell you that with Reese and Adam, they will both be in 22.50m shape going into Beijing. The question will be how the ring is, and how they handle the adjustments. If they handle it well, Christian will be the only one to have the potential to beat them, if not I think Mikhnevich and Majewski come into play for the gold medal, with Smith a possibility as well. With both Mikhnevich and Majewski, what you see it what you get, they are very steady and usually bring their A game to the big meet. Majewski will be at 21.05 and Mikhnevich will be at about 21.80 or so. The question is how far will the spinners throw. This is my Olympic prediction.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    good idea Coach RODNEY , I would love to see a movie of the BIG 3 ...but who would play the athletes? The only one big enough to play the part of CHRISTIAN CANTWELL would be John Goodman...and maybe JACK BLACK plays ADAM NELSON...hha this is great...can ya just see JACK BLACK doing ADAMS thing tearing his shirt off and storming into the circle....but who is REESE? maybe Michael Clarke Duncan from the Green Mile????

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  • Quote from Mr.Incredible

    I agree with Viking on this. I think that it comes down to economics. Our shot putters are trying to make as much money as they can in a short period of time as their athletic careers take them, as they should. That is why we see the U.S. guys hitting 73 foot bombs in February and March. Whereas throwers like Mikhnevich train for four years to be at the top for a couple of weeks in August of an Olympic year. Belarus may provide financial incentives to do that whereas the U.S. does not.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    wow that was great....talk about inside info...that was really exciting and interesting Don, thanks for that...I like how you basically said they will be IN SHAPE to throw 22.50 , the only unknown is how much distractions and less than ideal conditions play into the meet...I for one am hoping that all three have a big day and that it is s competition for the ages...

    published at Aug 1st 2008 12:43am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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