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  • Quote from Bud Rasmussen

    We set up this meet out of courtesy to Beatrice Faumuina and her coach who are currently staging a training camp in CV. While "B" has already surpassed the A standard several times this season, New Zealand is requiring her to do so once again prior to Aug 1 to prove fitness... So we will stage another wDT comp on Thursday, July 31 in hopes that she will secure her spot on the NZ team; without having to go through the appeals process!

    -Bud Rasmussen

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  • Quote from 70footer

    when I was in high school I was apparently the greatest shot putter to growup in the area since someone named LARRY KENNEDY back in the 60's....I just thought wow that guy must be old...well someone named LARRY KENNEDY came to one of my meets and introduced himself , and I found out he wasn't old , but was quite a badass , big barrel chested ,and a really nice guy....last time I saw him was back at Stanford in '04 he was there watching the Nationals shotput comp. (ADAM WON 72'11'') and Larry was really WOOPIN it up having a great time talking to other great throwers of his era, such as RINK BABKA...they were really having a great reunion that day...sad to hear he is not with us any longer...great guy and worth looking up to. GOD BLESS YOU LARRY.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Kennedy won the NCAA Discus Championship in 1964 while at the University of New Mexico. He was from the San Francisco Bay Area, thats why Rob talks about him and discusdoc, Tom Fahey. I first met Larry in 1965 at all-comer meets held at Mills HS which was just south of San Francisco. I was a Junior in HS and at the All-comers you'd get some pretty good throwers dropping in. Larry would help me with my technique. He was this big wide strong person who wouldn't close the door on you. I think Larry was instrumental on U of New Mexico recruiting me. They came really close to getting me. But ended up at BYU. Larry and I were friend for many years. I remember in December of 1970 at a all-comers in San Mateo, I got a long throw which was a foul...Larry told me how far it was, I didn't believe it...I lived in the same apt complex in San Jose in 72-73 and Larry's favorite past time was eating....peanut butter from the jar....spoonfuls....I'd always joke with hime about that. He worked closely with Ben Plucknett in the later 80's as Larry was in the Wine business. If any of you remember Ben Morgige (SP) Ben was a discus offical at Cal and in the Pacific Association. He would do the California Relays...known as Modesto. Larry and Ben were great friends, Ben had a distribution business and he always told Larry and I to drop by for lunch....we always had cans of food to take back home. I saw Larry in 97 at a Jr. Olympic meet, as his daughter was in HS and throwing. Larry walked up to me and I hadn't seen him in many years. His skin was not brown anymore, due to kidney problems. Then I saw him at the Nationals at Stanford, Think that was around 2000-2001. He was grea friends of Steve DeAuromont (SP) again,sorry and Tim Vollmer. Tim was a guest at Larry's alot in the 70's. I saw Tim just awhile back at Ironwood. He still has long arms! Tim would come into town and throw at our throwing meets up the Delta, Solano area where the winds blow alot. Larry had a special part of my heart as he touched many over his years with us and Rob mentioned that. Sorry that Rob didn't know....When I heard about Larry's passing, I mentioned it here on the Ring. So, he can be seen up at the field of dreams, eating his peanut butter and smiling and laughing and then picking up a platter, move across the circle as he floated with ease. Yes Larry is missed. ML

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    I didn't know those were the exact numbers, 6 guys over 80m is absolutely insane. I already knew they were an insane hammer nation though. The hammer there is like men's shot in America, except in Belarus both genders are now starting to dominate the hammer. I'm going to bet they'll win at least one medal in the men's and women's hammer this year.

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  • Quote from Montana

    1st off, great instructions on building the inserts. I will be using them this year!
    As a shop teacher, here is a way to get a perfect arc. Most Jigsaws do not cut at a perfect 90 degree angle straight down. They tend cut at a slight angle. If you have access to a router you can make a perfect arc, however it takes a little time to set up a jig. You need a 3/8" or less sheet good that is 4'-4'6" long x 6" wide. You can cut a circular opening in one end of the sheet good for your 1/4" straight router bit. Attach the router to that end with the bit in the center of your circle. Then measure your radius of the hammer circle from the center of your bit, mark the hole, hammer a 16p nail through your jig and attach it to the radius marks on design #2. Do not try and cut the 3/4" thickness at one time. You will have to make a few passes. It will take longer, however if your circle will have a perfect arc.

    published at Jul 30th 2008 12:18am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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