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  • Quote from jayess

    Bigger than the sport? Yeah maybe that's the way he looks at it. It doesn't sound like there's much that matters to him other than promoting himself.

    So he didn't make the team, and now he'll go off to pursue one of his other avenues for self-promotion, like giving off-the-wall interviews, wearing bizzare hair-dos, cage fighting, and doing American Gladiators.

    It's not the attitude that we typically admire in sportsmen, but it's the one he's got. It's kind of like Dennis Rodman was a few years back. Maybe sensing that he's past his peak performing years in his sport, but not wanting to part with the attention, and maybe seeing this as a brief window of opportunity to generate some cash.

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  • Quote from Hank Slam

    feels like crap! I think it shows in his interview. It obviously meant an awful lot to him, more than he would like any of "us" to know. The rest of it is just "pain" seeping through his mouth. You know in todays "information age", everything is video taped or recorded. Some of us just aren't prepared for that at stressful times. Funny how just months ago so many of you on this message board were singing praise about Breaux. I'm cutting him some slack for now, as I have said or done some stuff that I'm awfully glad wasn't on video. I just wish I could erase some of your minds! Ha! Ha! Lol

    Congratulations to all of our Olympic Throwers. USA 2008

    Ron McKee

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  • Quote from Dan P

    honestly i watched the entire interview i like the guy more now. no bs just how it is. cant understand why everyone is giving this guy crap about it. pro athletes get into trouble all the time but the moment they score a touchdown or hit a homerun its almost forgotten. greer says whats on his mind and answers what he was asked and now hes the bad guy?

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  • Quote from UChammer

    i think the way greer responded to the questions was exactly what the guy giving the interview wanted and you cant take the greer too seriously. obviously he was kidding around for the majority of it and if he felt like saying that stuff why not. he does what he wants to and doesnt feel like he has to give that generic response that most athletes give. it seems like im one of the few that thought didnt really get mad about it.

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  • Quote from cownuttz

    I found him to be honest. That's greer. I am sure he is not doing it soley to be "that guy." I believe that is who greer is...a goof ball (in a good way). I thought the interview was entertaining. More interviews and personalities like that the more popular the sport will get. Atleast I think so.


    published at Jul 8th 2008 7:39am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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