"The Ring" archive entries from Jul 1st 2008

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    I asked this question a while back, I think during or right after NCAA's, but I don't think anyone answered...why is at always these 3? No matter what station, no matter what level of competition...if it's track and it's on tv, they're the announcers. Are they tied to USATF in someway that contracts them to whatever network is televising the event?

    And picking which of the 3 is the worst is like asking a parent which of their children they love the most...For my money it's Ato. Dwight may say stupid things, but at least he speaks well

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    I am sometimes not so clear on the selection process. Patterson, who has thrown the A standard, won the event and is obviously on the team. The only other woman with the A is Kreiner who finished in fourth. Does this mean that Patterson and Kreiner are the only two going? I am under the impression that for a B standard thrower to be taken they have to finish in the top three alongside two A standard throwers.

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    I believe the phrase goes "crap in, crap out." But seriously I would agree with you that seems lower than what we have all been lead to believe by the media. From talking with some officials with Missouri's high school sports governing body, they lead us to believe that steriod use is more prevalent than one would think.

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