"The Ring" archive entries from Jun 29th 2008

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    BIG congratulations to the team...after all the hype together with the pressure that is already present at a trials it was probably a little short of some of the expectations, but we could all feel the nerves from here, and not one of us would have done any better!!!...HUGE emotion to overcome but all of you did it, especially Dan Taylor ...but in the end Reese Hoffa proved he is the man to beat just like last year...he is always ready for the biggest meet...22 meters is an awesome throw (21.94 looks like 22 to me!)
    Christian Cantwell , ya got that monkey off your back in definitive style big guy , congratulations , 71'2 is HUGE and very proud to see how ya did it with everything on the line.
    Adam Nelson would have/should have ,(22 meter foul was just a small indication of what you have in the tank) but in the end he is on the team and I doubt very seriously whether anyone will dismiss him for being third...he can win in Bejing as easily as any of the other two.

    SOOOOoooooo, if you thought that was pressure ...now we can start talking about the really big meet!!

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    While looking at the coverage of Adam throwing yesterday. It actually looks like he is bringing his left foot higher than ever. He was whipping it around so hard maybe that is why he kept throwing and fouling down the left sector?? If I remember correctly I thought on that NPR video he said he wanted to get the left down sooner so he could throw off of two feet. Either way all that matters is that he made the team.

    Good Luck Bring home the gold.

    published at Jun 30th 2008 12:42am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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