"The Ring" archive entries from May 15th 2008

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  • Quote from Ed O

    That was my understanding too Tony, however that apparently isn't the case in Nebraska anymore. The "official" interpretation from someone at our State Activities Association was that a put started when the thrower entered the ring. Therefore stepping out, even if you hadn't begun to throw was a foul.

    I'm just aggravated because there doesn't seem to be a clear rule that defines any of this, and it seems like the kind of thing that should be simple. The case that describes it was removed from the casebook a couple years ago, and in it's place they put a case that seems to say it is illegal to step out, (though not using an actual case of course or anything specific enough to really know for sure).

    The specific issue here involved a thrower scraping their feet in the ring to get ready and scraping outside the painted circle (why they can't drop $150 to at least buy a metal insert is a whole other story). The official called foul immediately before they even began to prepare to throw.

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  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    If that is the case, then you should tell your thrower to next throw with a running South African because if the throw begins when you first touch inside, there is no opportunity to establish a stationary position *before* stating the throw and *after* entering the circle. They are contradictory. That is definitely a misinterpretation of the rules.

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  • Quote from Viking

    -Barnes,"first major medalist to a spinner" ???

    -Oldfield,"75 feet stood for 11 years and broke existing record by over 3 feet , later broke the AR, first to give the spin real credence. " ???

    EVER heard of a thrower named BARYSHNIKOV ??? Olympic medals in 76 and 80 ??? With the spin ? And a drug tested WR ? The 75ft didn't stay for 11 years because it never was a WR...

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  • Quote from 40Footer

    time to hit up the universities. I had the problem last season that every circle was either used by a HS or retired and the sector was used as a t-ball field everyday. From 3-7:30 it was all off limits to I asked to train with a college and help out their kids while I was there and bingo, major circle time and some training partners.

    published at May 16th 2008 12:26am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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