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    I am will be building a high school hammer/discus cage in the next year. I am planning on building the net out of galvanized fence (like a baseball backstop, instead of rope netting. My concern is: what is the "bounce factor" if a hammer or discus is to slam into the fence? Will the fence absorb the force? Or send the discus/hammer flying back at you? I haven't seen that happen yet with this style cage, but maybe some of you have?

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    Chain link will be fine to use. Many of the cages here in RI are made of chain link and they hold up very well. The one thing you want to make sure of is that the chain link sections are long enough to reach the ground and curl in toward the circle. This means that the fence will be inside of the posts. This will prevent the hammers and discuses from slipping through the fence and getting to the spectators. Also, make sure that the fence overlaps at the posts so no hammers or discuses can slip through that way either.

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  • Quote from Bud Rasmussen

    Congrats to Benn Harradine (AUS) for setting a new Australian national record and Gerd Kanter (EST) for reclaiming the world lead (I know that Gerd had everyone thinking bigger things after his Monday evening "blast" session with his new practice PR of 72.15m and -my count- 8 throws measuring over 69.70m). All I can say is that Salinas (5/8) should be very special this year... Consensus among the coaches was that Adam Kuehl (USA) had the most consistent series and was much improved over last Thursday... It is the first week that Ian Waltz (USA), Jarred Rome (USA) and Becky Breisch (USA) have concentrated on working with the competition weighted implements and their series definitely showed it (it usually takes about three weeks for them to get the rhtyhm and timing back), however I was pleased with the way in which they "stayed the course" in continuing to work on the areas we've targeted for improvement this winter/spring. These past few weeks I've had to keep reminding the US athletes that nothing matters until qualifying day in Eugene and nothing counts until the finals (IMO the same can be said for Beijing as well, that is once people make the US team)... In case you're wondering Omar El Ghazaly (EGY) was a last minute scratch at the men's discus competition... Finally a big thanks goes out to the USATF officials and USOC OTC volunteer crew for their help, not to mention the gals that stepped in to make our wSP and wDT competitions legal!

    Onto Salinas!!!

    -Bud Rasmussen

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