"The Ring" archive entries from Apr 12th 2008

  • Quote from Christian Salas

    Last year I was dumb enough to volunteer to run the Shot Put and compete in it as well.

    Needless to say I didn't throw very well. And no, I didn't take advantage of the situation either. In fact I took a warm up throw and people thought that was an official attempt, but I said it wasn't. I hadn't started the "Me up, so-and-so on deck, blahblahblah in the hole" yet. In fact it would've been the winning throw, but ethically I couldn't do that.

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  • Quote from Norm Balke

    Interesting subject. When I first started, I was in favor of multiple flights that were smaller. Then I realized that the state meet had 8/flight, so I decided that 8 was good for preparation. Then a few years ago, it went to 12/flight at the state meet.

    The question is: wht is the optimal number for flights? 12 feels high to me; I never threw in a meet with so many/flight.


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  • Quote from Dan P

    I favor bigger flights. 6 is just way too small and you'll end up spending more time on warmups then actual competition. 8 is ok but if theres 14 I more than likely will run one big flight instead of two 7s. I've competed in a few meets with 10-12 throwers per flight and it was fine. Like mentioned earlier with upwards of 50-100 throwers competing anything less than 12 is just... wrong.

    Officiating for us has been a major problem. The school wont cough up the cash to some decent officials or even a teacher who has some experience with throwing. Usually I have parents of the kids who have been around awhile to do it. Ive had to officiate a few and it sucks. I want to work with the kids and watch them throw and can barely do one and only watch if they foul or not. Not to mention it seems every school we go against has two friggin throws coaches! What the crap? I think my school is one of the few in the Northeast Ohio area that has one throws coach. I kinda wish I coached at those schools and told them "pay me double and Ill coach boys and girls" =)

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  • Quote from Ron S.

    Im a volunteer throws coach at a D3 school. I usually end up running the throws at our meets. The reasons are simple it is usually much easier and more efficient. One option is you hire a student who may or may not do a good job. Also many of the USATF officials in our area are older and not as good as they could be. Often times they only allow a flight of 10 a short warm up period and then take 10 minutes getting the event started. It is very rare where a coach helps or hurts any of the competitors.

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