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  • Quote from 70footer

    we have the rule just because unlike when I was competing , I used to drop 400lbs from over head , just to prove who I was...obviously I grew up a bit ...

    but there are actually women that are members now , back in the day there was usually 1 or 2 women members total....but now we probably have 50% of our members are women.
    BUT , Being who I am , I , unlike most gym owners have a real respect and even a want ,to see guys get real strong, but the guy dropping weights , normally he just really wants to intimidate other members , and have them notice him...so we don't need him....but we LOVE the guy that is really focused and really wants to work hard and LIFT heavy weight ,not just drop it ...we have a member currently that makes almost no noise or show , but puts all his energy into his lift, and damn it if he doesn't bench over 500 almost weekely. Throwers should be the same..focused and determined to do all out effort without a show , the weight room is not where our contest will be decided anyway.

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  • Quote from MAC

    We are trying to identify participants from 1977 video just received. I competed once with Pete Schmock but I'm not sure if this is him shown in the 1977 World Cup. Can someone confirm the identity of this thrower representing the USA?
    [Blocked Image: http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u33/MACTHROW/1977WorldCupMS2.jpg]

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Its what we put up is the point, and if you have a smart, common sense type of athlete, then we would know that the wgt that comes down, is done in a controlled manner. A person who is lifting and just lets go of the bar, say walk away before the bar hits the floor, shouldn't be there in the first place. Imagine the wgt (300-400-500lbs) coming down from about 7 feet, oh my !!!! thats enough to smash all the critters that you'd like to see smashed! then needless to say, the equipment or floor or platform will not hold up for long. Of course there are times that a bar will come down hard, say the lifter is off balanced, but for safety reasons, where were the spotters? Training partners. You want to drop wgts? is that your thing, build your own gym.

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  • Quote from 49erThrower

    A few years ago at Long Beach State our weightroom was closed for a week for some reason. (i cant remember why) Anyway, us throwers needed a place to lift, so the private gym on campus let us lift there... and they had a platform and rubber plates! We did about 2 sets of clean pulls before we got tossed. (maybe 130-150 kilos) No one dropped anything, just the threat of it i suppose...

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  • Quote from Montana

    Coaches, how do you feel about having to run an event when you go to another teams track meet? People coach track and field because because they enjoy helping young people become better athletes and individuals. Teachers who coach track and field put in 50 - 65 hours a week from Monday through Friday and then spend all day on a Saturday at a track meet. I am not complaining, I love what I do and would not change it. However, when you go to a track meet, I feel that you should coach, not spend half the day running an event. I would say half the track meets that we attend, I have to run the one of the throwing events. I do it correctly, know the rules, and do it in a timely fashion. Almost every meet, the school hosting the meet has a list of all the events and has the name of the school running the event. When you have 6-12 flights of Varisty and 2-6 flights of JV, it just takes time to run the event. Then your stuck working the track meet and not coaching your athtletes which you are paid to do. I feel the coaches of the school hosting the meet should spend some time and get individuals from around the community run the track meet, not the coaches.

    What are the high school coaches thoughts on this?

    published at Apr 11th 2008 11:30pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from Norm Balke

    That situation irritates me to no end. It is very difficult to gather up the amount of officials needed to run a track meet. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!! Also, if I am going to your meet, I should not be pressed in to service. I cannot imagine another sport doing this!

    Something that you can point out is that you may be open to liability issues of you are not available to supervise your athletes. Nothing like litigation to get the attention of the powers that be.


    published at Apr 12th 2008 12:01am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • published at Apr 12th 2008 12:43am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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