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  • Quote from w8coach

    I have to say this peg marking system is a silly one at best as we employ in our HS meets. They give each thrower four throws and mark only the best throws. No series and most of all, no secondary mark in the case of ties. In our HS system, dropping the three and three and reversing the order has effectively killed the competition between participants competing head to head. This type of speed up BS only takes away from the throwing events in my opinion. I know it is not your idea Bud, but the officials need to hear from all that this system takes almost as long as the marking of every throw as after each flight is completed they still have to measure. I have seen so many markers knocked down incorrectly replaced that it is ridiculous. The three and three with reversing orders needs to be standard for all flights not just the elite. We need to encourage participation not give reasons for thos on the fence to chose another sport.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Leave it to the Pacific Association officials! Whats the justification of pegging? Is it to save time? And I believe that is the case. With 8 officials pegging is not professional. Like Mickey says, what happens if there was a tie? You go to the second best throw and where is that peg. Shame on our Sport/Event IF we really go to pegging. OH, WAIT....SOMEONE CORRECT ME ON THIS ONE! DOESN'T THE RULE BOOK SAY THAT THERE SOULDN'T BE ANYTHING IN THE LANDING AREA AS A MARKER? A THROWER USING A PEG COULD BE A MARKER!? GET THE BLASTED RULE BOOKS OUT. I knew the short stubby officials in the Pacific Association wrote the books! Vote for NO PEGS!

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  • Quote from w8coach

    Bud ,
    I'm with Mike L. here as the rules on page 12 clearly distinguish the pegs as illegal. By offering six throws as the "olive brach" is still in conflict with the rules. In an attempt to play the middle ground the fundamental pusuit of true competition is lost by using markers. What make the mile, the 100 meters and all of the other events exciting is having competitors pushing each other to the finish in front of the crowd. Going back to the system of ranking the throwers by entry distance, separating by flights if necessary, giving three measured throws, reversing the order for three final thorws is the closest way to enjoy the same high-energy competition in the throws. Let's do what is right for the events and not just what makes officials and meets promoters happy.

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  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    Sedykh's argument makes sense after you have tried the 4-turn technique for a year.

    On the other one hand, my beginner high school shot putters and discus throwers can say the same thing about standing throws. "What's the point with doing the spinning if I can throw just as far with a standing throw? It is also much more consistent."

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  • Quote from CoachW

    From personal experience as someone who went from 3 turns to 4 turns with no multiple turn background, it takes more than a year to adjust to the rhythm of 4 turns. Thats why as a coach I advocate doing many many turns at one time so that 4 seems better than 6 and if you are having promblems with 4 go to 3, but eventually back to 4 with a much smoother transition than if you are strictly 2 turns, then go to 3 adn then after years go to 4. I feel beginners must move to multiple turns as soon as they learn how to turn. Logically prepare for more turns for more speed, but practically be ready for less turns if you cant handle 4 turns currently. I wouldnt dis 4 turns permanently but rather keep it as an option in the future. If Litvinov got the famed 290 warm-up in a meet would be having this conversation? Or would it be like the shot put where we know one can throw far with the glide but more people are doing the spin so that becomes the only viable option. Glide is as viable as the spin and 3 turns is as viable as 4 and vice versa so on, ad infinitum. Each athlete has to find the right combination of factors. Its late and I am verbose.

    Scott Weiser
    Throws Coach
    Millersville University

    published at Mar 28th 2008 9:42am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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