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    Can she be the second Athlete of the Week? She is having an amazing year and she just increased her personal best by .6 meters in order to win SEC Conference Championships. Since she has been in the States (3 months) she has increased her PB by almost 2 meters. I am really impressed and excited to see her progression. Congrats Coach Frazier!

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    Here's my experience on the issue (I was 21 when this all happened) In december I suffered bone contusions in my knees while throwing the weight, it wasn't really from throwing the weight though, its because I'm a jackass...long story short I get lots of swelling and lose range of motion in my knees. The athletic trainers originally told me it was menisus tears. Then I went to see a sports orthopedist who told me it was just bone contusions, essentially bruises on the bone.

    He said that for the time being I shouldn't do anything involving more than 30 degrees of flexion until the swelling goes down. I immediately asked him his opinion on deep squatting, and he said I can return to doing them as soon as the swelling had gone away and my ROM were back 100%. After 3 months I'm back to parallel squatting with minimal strain in my right knee, hopefully I'll be going ATG by the summer.

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    I've already got it pretty set That I'm going to do the ATGs, I'm going to play it by ear though and listen to my body. Afterall I'm not a lifter I hate lifting actually lol.
    I'm just trying to get my strength up so I can throw farther. once I get to the point in my weight program where I'm going to have to push really Heavy weight (for me anyway) I wont force it. I really feel that the snatches and cleans and they exercises which specifically strengthen my turns.

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    I used to do a lot of lighter ATG squats. I think ATGs really help to develop starting strength meaning it helps you to effectively explode out of lower positions. Anything heavy was done from a half squat position with squat racks at about the half way point. Lower down to the racks then back up and so forth. A lot of my higher volume lower intensity squats were ATG or 1 1/4 squats as used to call them. Developing strength in that very low position which is also the point at which you are the weakest is very valuable. And, developing really good high end strength (half squat) is also very valuable. As long as the ATG squats are done at a 505, 401, 302 etc... tempo I done see any problems occurring with the knees. In fact doing the really deep tempo squats has helped my athletes with overall squat power and overall olympic lifting power. Not to mention better throwing.

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    I was fortunate to have a dialog with Olympic Olympic Lifting Champ Tommy Kono, and he stressed that ATG squats were good for shot putters. He also had some analogies of shot putting in his book. He seemed to be coming from the angle that ATGs build full muscle development, starting strength and flexibility. FWIW.

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