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  • Quote from PowerTrainer

    What are the pros and cons to doing the push press in front of the body as opposed to behind the neck? I want to save my rotator cuffs from injury again so I steer clear from behind the neck movements, but I hear behind the necks are better for shot putters. An old buddy of mine, Dave Caster, said the Germans and Europeans did all behind the Neck Jerks. I have not heard from Dave in a very long time, but his knowledge was vast.


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  • Quote from Hunter

    I think now all the top throwers spin, including bigger guys like Cantwell and Taylor, the glide is essentially dead in the U.S. The chances of a one in a million athlete that can't spin but can glide 70'+ are very small.

    I think the only decent glider the U.S. has produced in 15 years was Silvester who threw "only" 66'-67'


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    I think thats a problem with the US having so many dominant shot putters, it seems like every one of our top guys competes a lot throughout the season because they want to remain on top the entire year. It seems not too many guys focus on ONLY the Olympic trials and Games themselves, and as a result, they are tired when they get to the games.

    I'm not saying silver medals, bronze medals, or even making the finals is not an incredible accomplishment in itself, but it just seems like its hard to peak to be at your absolute best when you compete hard from January to August.

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    If the glide were actually taught properly or even taught at all in the US you would see more people doing it on the elite level. I think this talk of having to be a powerhouse to glide is ridiculous. From what I saw of Dan Taylor at Millrose I'd say he could be a good glider, some people aren't cut out to rotate and some are. But, I think it may be easier to throw further from a spin when talking about a large percentage of athletes.

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  • Quote from muller

    I really feel like the glide gets absolutely crap. I still think it is a very fine technique and certain athletes could definitely succeed with the glide or the spin. It is much easier based on certain temperaments of athletes and probably a bit more consistent.

    To be honest, I have always thought that Dan Taylor should be gliding. The dude is an absolute monster and after I heard he hang cleaned 451 back a few years ago and looking at his spin technique, he could easily glide as far as he spins. I also feel like anyone who can jump through the roof would succeed as a glider. Karl Erickson comes to mind but he is also a beast of a spinner. Just thought I would throw my two cents in. Also, I still think Justin Clickett is going to go 20+ so we will see what he can do with the glide in the coming year.

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  • Quote from John Smith

    I tried Dan on the glide when he first came to Ohio State. Gliding for him was horrible. It takes a very strong pound for pound athlete to glide far with a huge standing throw. At 18 meter stand thier is no future in the glide. On the other hand i tried Connie on the spin and that didn't work eithier. She was good at the glide because her bodyweight to strenght ratio is the same that Dan's is right now. That is what makes a good glider. Same reason Kumbernuss was made into a Glider and not a discus thrower even though she threw 66 meters at a young age. Same reason they did not make Wyludda a shot putter when she was a 66 footer at a young age.

    Good gliding is driven by bodyweight to strenght ratio's and big standing throws. If Dan could glide far he would be gliding but his glide was only about 4 feet better than his stand.

    John Smith

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