"The Ring" archive entries from Feb 27th 2008

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    I don't think he lost size for 88.I believe he actually build a bit every year ,he was a bit different every year,especially from the waist down.
    I guess what was found then was that you can train fast twitch fibers with max weights and with medium weights but high speed(what the "westside system" now adopts...).
    The medium reps that builded size were dropped more or less because they took more (weight gain and movement quickness loss/restoration need) than they gave (a bit more strength).
    It is clear that both him and Beyer had strength and power that could never be judjed by the sheer size of their muscles.It's been quite a debate in many forums that when talking about Beyer's strength ,people expect to see someone like Kazmaier or Coleman.Well,pumped muscles aren't needed for a WR shotputter nor for very heavy weights as at the same time a very slick 125 kilo or so Kurlovich was dominating the SHW weightlifting world and many other superb 110 or so lifters like Zacharevich were getting about as strong.Even lately,Marchokov from Bulgaria (Jaber Saeed Salem) at 120 kilos lifted 210/260.This was the lesson.
    Other than that even traditional strength had its limits and many drills were performed for special strength and pretty much training was all day long.Even fine details got better and his body had matured into the form and it was natural to pass 23m and perhaps it would go even further if the crowd and photographers had not stopped the meet for 15 minutes and let him throw more throws without getting cold.
    One of the great moments.

    published at Feb 27th 2008 6:33am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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    For winning the Visa Championships. It is always great to see a thrower win the $25,000 check. Great job and great indoor season for Adam!

    Congratulations also go out to Kibwe and A.G. (and Jud). What a great competition! It is too bad that the weight throw is not a contested event at the World Championships - these guys would go 1-2 there also.

    published at Feb 27th 2008 8:10am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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    Not surprising - after we were told earlier that the press stopped the meet for 15 minutes.

    Timmermann was always the kind of guy to improve on every throw, because he had the X-Factor of being able to throw further and put more power in to the technique.

    Maybe R. Barnes wouldn't have been the WR holder today, if Timmermann had gotten the chance to finish his job. Scary thought!

    published at Feb 27th 2008 8:31am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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    the other WRs I have seen seem somehow like normal throws, Randy and Andrei just seemed so powerful , not much was different except the line it went over ...but ULFs WR is absolutely lightening fast , the shot looks to leap out of his hands from the back of the circle...amazing to have finally seen it after 20 years. The only other throw I have seen with this kind of speed is probably Carter's HS WR. GREAT VIDEO , as MAC will say "the video find of 2008"

    published at Feb 27th 2008 12:34pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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