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  • Quote from w8coach

    I think putting all of his(Taylor's) eggs in one basket is just as dangerous as much as peaking too early. We are months away from the Trials and I'm sure his coach has a careful plan to make sure he peaks for the trials.From what the announcers said is that Taylor was struggling with his tech and still working it out. I hope he didn't just show up at the meet and throw for some appearance money alone. I'm sure he has pride in what he does and wouldn't just take a few throws casually. If he is in a heavy phase physicaly, he would still need to compete at the best of his ability at least for the sake of his confidence when the trials come around. I can't imagine that he purposely didn't care and made a poor showing as a result.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    wow very surprising article...I would have to agree with Reese....after all this is a business for them , and unless the person were his best friend I wouldn't expect him to bring him a shot that may help the other beat him. and to actually go so far as to blame Reese because Cantwell didn't break the world record...even with the perfect shot put it will be very very unlikely even for the best of the best...that is why we are going on 19 years for the record.

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  • Quote from scrookie

    Cantwell had a great series at Missouri while throwing a 128mm ball.
    My question is why didn't he bring that same ball with him?

    My take is that at that level you should acquire and be responsible for your own equipment/implements. It puts competitors in an awkward situation when you ask them to bring an extra implement to a Nat'l Championship.

    -adam k

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  • Quote from Bud Rasmussen

    For those of you here out west who haven't made it down/up/over to Newport Beach for Tony Ciarelli's Olympian Throws Clinic yet, I highly recommend that you do in future years! Hands down the best pre-season SP/DT clinic in the country, IMO.

    Bart Templeman and I had a blast working with both old and new friends last Saturday. Thanks again for the great experience and hospitality, Tony, Stepanie, and Eric (plus Staff)!

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  • Quote from Tony Ciarelli

    This is our In-Season Cycle we are starting this week. We have been going for 16 weeks already so we did two strength cycles before this. This is a 10 week cycle that will take us right to league finals. We are doing a 1 to 1 ratio load to unload which means we load and unload every other week. It allows me to adjust the workout more easily around the big meets such as Arcadia. This is weeks 1&2.

    2008 Weekly Cycle

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