"The Ring" archive entries from Feb 25th 2008

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    so I have decided Nck Vena is the second coming of RANDY MATSON....not overly powerful, big, or explosve, and no great technique...but he does do something very well that may be the most important thing of all...similiar to throwing a punch , you don't want to stop at the point of impact, rather you want to go all the way thru the point of impact to the other side.
    Vena seems to go all the way thru his throw , from the rear to the reverse is one movement , he also contacts the ground and the shot the same way and doesn't pull off it, doesn't push thru it...nothing special , just goes all the way thru.

    I think most of us DO to much , we don't settle into the ground we don't go with the shot, we get rid of it...he seems to just go all the way thru the throw without any particular thought of movement...anybody have anything to add to this ???

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    I agree with the painted rear of the circle and is the change I stated in an earlier post. The ring was constructed with only the glider type of tech in mind. With some mant using the spin we need to level the playing field out of the back and make the back of the ring equal for both styles.
    As far as an leverage advantage I' have to disagree. It is like the glide, even though the hell is the last to leave the ground in the Feurbach style of the glide, the push comes from the toes. If it were advantageous sprinters and jumpers would run on the heel to the toes during their events to gain a leverage advantage if it truly existed. It's an obtuse and close minded way of thinking for those won't even entertain looking at ONLY a change in the back of the ring design to accommodate both tech. stlyes. A quarter inch high rim at the back would be an improvement and still give the glider, if they truly use the ring, a place to push off.

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