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  • Quote from 70footer

    so if we know that the best spinners have a huge conversion from front to back...10 feet at least is what seprates the contenders from the pretenders...is this a fact in the glide as well? I know I saw Brenner go 65 from the front and then went 70 from the back....what did Carter do on his fateful day in HS? what did Timmerman get? Andrei, etc? I know I heard about Beyer getting a 70 foot front and only 71 in the meet...

    this must also be true in the hammer and the discus...is that true Bill? doesn't the best hammer thrower get the most conversion from the back of the ring , and the same in the discus?

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    Udo was as slow as a OX, if not slower, no wonder he got only a foot. What did Feurbach get, or George Woods & Allesandro from a Dynamic Glide? It's like saying Oldfield got nothing from his glide. He had the most HORRENDOUS glide ever! Glided off of his toe, hopped to the middle, wide open, and one more thing I am forgetting that I saw from his glide, if you want to call it that. I can't believe Timmerman only got that little off a glide. He was so fast and kept 45' for the duration from beginning to end. I wonder what Mike Carter got from his form, since people think he was SOO WEAK. Then this must mean he got tremendous distance from his glide, b/c stands are all about strength, correct, and he was lacking in that department supposedly. What about Mike Stulce stand to glide??


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  • Quote from w8coach

    First of all lets all put away our swords. My involveement in this thread has been to speak for the technical aspect of the throw, bolstered by the strength aspect. We are sharing some common thread here but may be approaching it in a different way. Whatever the chosen course, I think is it fruitless for any of us to speak of an era or a group of throwers from and,"Holyer than Thou" pulpit.I totally appreciate the numbers you present to us through your extensive research. It gives more perspective to our craft. We must remember that though the nembers give us feedback, they are not the end all. I would like to classify my assertions on stregth to the pressing exercises. These are the exercises I believe interfere with the feel of the implement when performed in excess. I was looking at most of the twenty of so shot put and discus throwers of all time. I put in rank order thier throwing and lifting pr's I was given. The information may not be esact as I myself did not collect it but have spoken directly to some athletes about lifting pr's In the discus, with the exception of Alekna, as the rank of a throwers bench press increased his rank of his pr throw decreased. Alekna has the #2 bp 529 and the #2 throw of 73.88. He is the exception to the trend and not the rule. John Powell has the #10 BP and the #4 throw. I john's case he told me a couple weeks after he threw his pr in 84 , I threw 226 with a 450 bp and I threw 233 with a 290 bp." Take into consideration that strength pr did not all come in the same year of lifting pr's. Rome#1 bp and #18 throw. The trend from this not infalable research seems to indicate that bigger bench presses are not condusive to longer discus throws. The same trend is evident in the shot but not nearly as dramatic as in the discus. As for the your comment on the assertion that a the throwers of the past already had strength taken care of. Wilkins pr bp 440 Powell 450 (past throwers, Current throwersAlekna 529 , Rome 545. Shot put Feuerbach bp 418, Oldfield 495 Current Hoffa 520, Cantwell 622. Beyer (past) bp 720 this is an obvious in-human feet of strength, Akins 524, Very upa nd down and thechnical probs plagued him constantly. I know you may take this defensively, but how did you make this assertion? The data I have doesn't support it.
    I'm not trying to pick a fight. I have been of the belief of one side of the debate and you have taken the other. Ultimately our goal is the same, put the best tech on the strongest, most athletic body possible. I am erring to the tech side more than you. For you to take a defensive stance here and look at the rest of our thoughts as attacks suggests that you feel your stance is the only stance. If I'm wrong in the long run, I will make th change necessary to help those I'm in contact with. I would hope you would be secure enough to do the same.

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  • Quote from tomsonite

    In John Smith's post about the 5 shot putters, he said that one had a contract to cover the expenses of his drugs at $15,000?
    John I know you prefer to have these throwers remain anonymous but could you give us a general idea to a time frame when that was? If it was in the 80's, are steroids today be more expensive?

    And the point I'm getting to...as some of the lowest paid professional athletes in the world, can many throwers even afford steroids?

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    That's really funny...your father inlaw was really off base, cause I didn't snatch back then, and he might have gotten me mixed up, Only Oldfield would do funny things like that, walking into a weight room and taking the weight and pushing above his head, and doing it cold, and still angry? Naw DL, I don't get mad anymore, only when someone walks across the throwing area with out looking, or they delay the shot because of the start of the 100m, or when I look outside and its there's a white-out and the wind is blowing 35-45 mph with 6 inches of snow on the ground!

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