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    Many days this site is just filled with chat. But the posts today have a lot of substance, and exemplify why this site will continue for a long time.

    I look forward to the day when Nellie, and the other current crop of elites post comments about "back in my day".

    This site, combined with Macs Throws videos, is the future of throwing instruction.

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    Perhaps people can compare lifting numbers, jumps sprints, throws with different implements, but it is about who has the most applicable speed-strength for the shot, Alekna, strong as hell, does not have it to beat any of the world top six shot putters because it is so specific!!!!!
    Adam Nelson is as strong as hell, have no doubts at on that, but he would not gert kanter in a discus throwing competition because Kanter is stronger for the discus specifically!

    I know an immensely strong man that struggled to throw a shot 40 feet at strong man sports when it was given to him and he was quick to point out he was crap at throwing things, same man lifted a 500lb McGlashien stone and pure shoulder pressed 440lbs.(Glen Ross)

    I spoke with Reese Hoffa who siad he was "always good at throwing things", he also described Adam Nelson as "very strong" sometimes things are simple.

    published at Jan 31st 2008 11:59am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from KSCTHROWER

    I think what you find with throwers is Technique will speed up the process of throwing far much quicker than working with the weights.
    Look for instance at most of the strong men, alot of them are in their 30s. It takes nearly 15-20 years to gain the strength they have. most of them probably cant throw a ham/shot/disc/ or jav very far considering their strength.
    There are plenty of kids who have natural born ability to move implements fast and then are able to look the basic technique quickly. I think in college these tend to turn into the best throwers as they gain strength. By starting with great technique, by the time they are 27-28 (or earlier) they are hitting world class numbers.

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  • Quote from John Garvey

    Raymond Jacobs died in California last night. Raymond grew up in Los Angeles in the 1930's and played football and threw the shot put. Raymond was a US Marine, part of the elite Marine Raiders in WW II. Raymond was the last surviving Iwo Jima flagraiser from the flag raisings on Mt. Suribachi. He was part of the core group that raised the first flag (Sgt. Lou Lowery images captured this event), and later that same day a replacement flag was raised,(the famous Joe Rosenthal photograph). Raymond was a radioman and was hit in the back on Iwo and evacuated. America lost a great man. A featured article on Raymond's life will appear in Long and Strong, later this year by John Garvey who did an oral history of Ray in 2006. RIP Ray.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Well Now, Here's another Piss Ant who hides behind a nickname so I will answer his question, how is it a gorilla can be full of so much bull? lol, I'll put the gorilla in his corner and say, he got a reponse from this deltalima and its kinda funny! bull, Yes and that is what it is a bunch of bull! DL goes on and states, with all the tools today, don't forget there are improvements in testing for roids. Well DL, I hope there is and it should be. But there are many that are still using and getting by, and you can't disagree with that one. Life was a lot different 30-40 yrs ago. Yes, I have paid the price and wonder today what it would be like today if I was able to go back in time and be able to compete during this time. How things would be? But we will never know, will we. So I must say, that do I really care what you think or say? lol, not, Your just added to the list of wannabee's and just another PA. :)

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  • Quote from maple

    Just something to think about. If you were recruiting for your college who would you choose between the following two 62 foot hs seniors,
    1. 6'4 230lbs large frame fast. Athlete has thrown for 4 years. He is an excellent technicien and has spent time working on his athleticism. Hasn't spent much time in the weight room.
    2. 6'4" 290lbs large frame fast. Athlete has thrown for 4 years poor technicien. Has neglected throwing but has become enormously strong by concentrating on the weightroom.

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  • Quote from Kap

    For those of you interested:
    The Feb Javelin School/throws clinic in Alabama has been moved to Feb 16th (javelin)& 17th (shot/discus) at Bob Jones HS in Madison, AL.
    The March 7-8th Throws School in PA will be held, as always, at Cocalico HS in Denver, PA; Denver is right off the PA Pike.
    The March 9th Javelin School in NJ will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Clark, NJ. The Crown Plaza is right off exit 135 on the Garden State Parkway.
    Registration for either Javelin School in NJ or AL is $25.00 and includes clinic fee, booklet and DVD of drills, technique and training ideas/methods. The full 2 day throws clinic in AL is $40; the full Throws School in PA is $75 and includes several booklets on technique and training, Javelin School DVD, T shirt and lunch/snacks. All 3 events will have door prizes from sponsors Nordic Sport, Stackhouse Athletic and JAVELAND.
    Email me ( gokeihas@intrex.net )for registration $ schedule info- looking forward to seeing many of you at these events to kickoff a successful season!

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  • Quote from deltalima

    You're still angry in the head just like when you competed. My father in-law was hiding in the corner of the gym one day and said you walked in after they had pretty much maxed out on snatches, called them on their manhood, then knocked out a quick rep cold. now that's not very nice. muah ha ha ha.


    published at Jan 31st 2008 11:32pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from Hilltopper

    I have read alot of threads in the last few days and I thought I might add something no matter how useless. I have coached highschool track for the past 10 years and I have had strong athletes and weak athletes and even kids who thought they were athletes. In my youth I watched Randy heisler throw and do some very amazing things athletically. When my wife attended IU, Randy was in his forties and I saw him do things athletically that is unmatched by most people. He can still jump extremely high and he could walk ina weightroom and clean 325 to 350 on command. When we talk about Powell or Wilkins throwing far but not being strong we are forgetting that they once were strong and the strength retention they had was amazing. I call these factors the "IT" factor. The ability to retain strength, god given core strength and just straight pure athleticism, all things created equal except you ahve "IT". There is not a coach in the country that doesn't understand what I am talking about. When they are recruiting athletes they are looking for "IT" which is the ability to stand out above your peers on a god given gift . Take the top 100 throwers in the country coming out of highschool. Line them up and pick the one you think is the best and I promise you 9 out of 10 times you won't pick the best, because weightroom numbers and tape measures do not measure the "IT" factor. Timmerman, Oldfield, Barnes, Hoffa, Powell and the rest of the great throwers have "IT" and I promise you they wouldn't trade the "IT" factor for better technique or more strength. "IT" is the most valuable tool a thrower or any true athlete has.

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