"The Ring" archive entries from Dec 1st 2007

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    Take it easy bud..

    I wasnt taking a stab at you selling shoes on ebay.. i was actually trying to help.. i was just giving you my thoughts that the price might be a bit high for selling on ebay.. You shouldnt have taken offense.. none was meant.. my whole point was that at 80 + ship most would just as well order from MF or other track or athletic company..Good Luck anyway..


    published at Dec 1st 2007 10:20am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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    Tony: In have one phrase for mythrowers here in Nebraska. "WEATHER IS NOT A FACTOR". You practice in it, you will be ready to throw in it. Had three ladies throw to day. Wind 30 MPH out of North. Straight R hand (90 degrees),Warm-up twenty minutes, Each gal had four discus, We made 4 - stands, 4 Powers with hard hip twist, 8-1/2 turns, 4 step ins, 4 touch and go, 6 fulls split 3-3. #1-85%, #2-90%, #3 - 95%, Then made three all out with the eyes closed. Basilcallyh at workout for 55 minutes. They retrieved their own discus. Running of jogging out and back. Ages two @ 12 1 @ 13. Five minutes of stretching after practice. Invited them to my house for cookies and hot chocolate and 40 minutes of talk and by the fire place. Even the parents got a kick out of it. By the way it was 39 degrees. All three threw every throw except the last three with gloves on. On the final three the gloves came off and the two who threw the farthest took the sweats off for their last throw. Two best just over 100 feet. 12 yr old at a little over 70 consitantly. KK and I would love your 60 degree weather here, We would even share with Norm. Best always. Just a typical day of practice in Nebraska, if you want good throwers to show up in the same kind of weather in March -08. Best holidays to all, Throw loud and far. C.B. Nebraska aka N2THROS Typed not proofed

    published at Dec 1st 2007 11:59am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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