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  • Quote from Kap

    wil be in oklahoma by next year. Brian Blutreich did amazing things at North Carolina with less than super support from the head coach and the school: 4 NCAA champs and 3 2nd places in the last 2 years covering all 4 throws. Oklahoma is spending money for facilities, equipment and recruiting so far beyond what Brian had at UNC my calculator can't handle the numbers.
    Mark it down: in 5 years Oklahoma will be the standard other programs are measured by.

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  • Quote from N2THROS

    HI: CB Nebraska. Still losing football games. Best college is the one that the athlete picks. It is their feel, their academic degre and then throwing in that order. If they want the money go for it, BUT, I would rather see a happy thrower getting their degree in their field of endeavor and meshing with the coaches and athletes and having fun while improving their throwing. RUSTY SHOTS- I paint mine next week or two. I have a 2x4 24inch frame six inches high that has 2 cinder block and a chair. I fill my old lawn tractor with gas and oil, hit high gear (6) and head down the gravel road a mile or so, turn around and come back. I also carry my shot gun if I go late in the evening, surprising how many quail and pheasants I bring home also. Thro far and loud. Typed not proofed C.B Nebraska N2THROS

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    The Question was asked, But what criteria are we looking at? How many Championships have been won? whether there from Nationals, Conferences, Men/Women, depth, throwing facilities? Lifting facilities, Coach/Coaches? length of consistentcy, Is the program doing well at the present? Education? See what you have here is those sicken polls, it like who said this and who said that. Is Georgia better then Arizona State, or UCLA better then Oregon, Or BYU better then Stanford? Oklahoma better then Tennesse? How about Money, who has the schlorships. I guess for the thrower reading this, How about the place where you will get the support, the training facility, the schedule, the education,and the chance to train with teammates and others. I for one will say, BYU, but they have many downfalls, but have produced many NCAA Discus Champions, Only Stanford has one more and will BYU ever have another one? Will Stanford? Will any school with Multi winners? Food for thought?!

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  • Quote from CSickler1

    One that caters to the need of who you want to be, but for throwers the throwing program should be secondary. Unless you're in the top 20% of the nation then you shouldn't seek the top 20% of coaches. If I throw 40' in the shot I have a feeling UCLA won't spend too much time cultivating my talents. I remember talking to coaches and one coach was telling stories about how one of his athletes wasn't there for track but to learn how to be a dad to his future child. It freaked me out, I was 18 and fresh out of smallville and we're talking about how I could learn to be a parent. End all in my opinion, if the coach matches and the program is great it means nothing if the school atmosphere isn't there, so in my opinion a sad unhappy thrower won't throw far so there is no top school unless you're in the top 20% and willing to sacrafice. That being said, here come the stat questions. How many throwers in the top 20% are accepted to that university, how many are willing to stay in school 4 years let alone THAT school and just how many won't fall out to injury... Just some side faqs

    published at Oct 29th 2007 1:10pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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