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  • Quote from Tony Dziepak

    1) Answer: vertical component, assuming two throwers of equal power, but one is heavier by carrying an extra #10 of core weight. I think of the approach phase (glide or spin) as generating horizontal momentum in the implement-thrower system. Although the heavier athlete will have slower speed across the circle, momentum equals mass times velocity, so both athletes generate equal momentum. Then in the power phase, the thrower translates some of the horizontal momentum into vertical lift. In that task, the heavier athlete has a disadvantage because this involves lifting bodyweight with the implement (until the arm strike), which is working against gravity.

    2) Sort of overlaps 1), but more power increases the vertical component, and more body mass detracts from vertical component. The reason: the thrower is imparting forces against the circle surface. The answer would be different if the thrower were floating in space--in that case, more body mass would make the vertical component of release velocity (relative to a fixed point in space) greater.

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  • Quote from Viking

    1)The horizontal.The bigger bodyweight would present more difficulty in accelerating and blocking and the acceleration/decelleration curves would be more gradual than it would be for a lighter thrower.Regardless of leg strength.
    The vertical component is more affected by leg strength compared to bodyweight and many times a heavier thrower can create much more lift to the shot.

    2)For both vertical and horizonatl compinents ,power affects release velocity the most.You can stand with the body motionless and create a 12m/sec speed of the implemnt ,which is only 2.5m/sec away from WR status and can only be added by bodyweight.
    But if we look at the vertical component independently,it's about turning the horizontal to vertical and rotational or else we would have a foul throw.

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  • Quote from flyzguy

    1. I would imagine the horizontal force would be more effected by mass due to conservation of momentum. When you push the shot, it pushes back, and leans the thrower back ever so slightly. Newtons law in motion. The bigger you are, the less you move back, and the more the shot accelerates. When pushing up in the vertical plane, you have the ground beneath you to prevent this loss of energy during delivery.

    2. Power is more important than mass in the vertical acceleration phase. The heavier you are, the more you have to spend energy lofting your own mass.

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    The concept of the hand turnedout was to protect the shoulder joint as well. Al was a pioneer in our sport and I don't think receives enough credit for his efforts as he wasn't an Olympic Champ. I also remember Brian throwing the pud with the discus spin at SJ State. An effert tht bought him the biceps tear, I believe prior to the AR of 72'-9 3/4" at the Jenner. Do you remember the Two Big Guys Valley Games?? Seems like yesterday. I still have the photo somewhere. We should run that meet.
    Mickey Cutler

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  • Quote from Kap

    I'm working on a late May/early June date here in NC for a throws/party weekend meet along the lines of the 2 Big Guys meet. Could be called "2 Medium Guys Forest Fling".... SP, DT and JT at my private facility here in the central NC woods, hammer at UNC facility. Open to Men & Women (there will be standards....this will be a high level meet) and working on some historical elite throwers to attend.
    I'll keep posting as things progress.... interested sponsors can email me. Should have local TV coverage as well- the guys who did the "Carrboro Javelin Man" pieces.

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