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    The late Al Oerter. This one is a self admission. He admitted to the use claimming it gave him even worse blood pressure. He also stated he did not believe it helped him in anyway. This was used in his later years. He was provided by a doctor under the supervision of a doctor. the main goal was to bulk up.

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    Big man gonna taddle lol. Ill miss you most of all scarecrow. If you are in Tucson, maybe we should meet for lunch, I'll buy. So we should only name cheaters who are alive? I don't think death cleans the slate. You know why we can talk of the dead, we are all going to die so there is no reverence. So im guessing you want some living names? I have those also. You should know that there is a candy to size ratio. Preschoolers although easy can only hold so much candy. I prefer 5th graders. They can hold so much more.

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    I agree with your assessment but I think they read the posts because of the division in the ranks he is attempting to create. If the gov had control over illegal drugs and the revenue they produced, they may not be as illegal as they are today. Everyone has heard of prohibition. History will repeat itself.

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    W8coach has talked about the governing body and what they do and what they don't do. There has been talk that goes back to the 60's about changing the guard, or making changes at the higher levels. Many remember the old AAU, and the powers to be in track and field, left the AAU to form the TAC, now the USATF. Many people in the heads of state are still the same. Have we seen changes in the USATF? Do the different events get the money they need to improve those events? Lets see, In athens, where did the USOC folks stay? Was it on a ships, first class accomidations? where did the athletes stay? So go back 30+ years ago.....It was a laughing stock when a USOC offical walked by telling athletes to stop using, cause they were going to test at the Trials. Did they? Think about it....Oh and I went to Brazil that summer. You didn't need a prescription to buy anything you wanted....Who has control? I'm not saying that chemicals are good for you, there not! Specially today....Many have gone south across the border to Mexico and bought stuff there, or we have dealers that hit the high schools selling to kids, Wrong and against the Law...this drug issue needs to cool off, yes we know that many used in the past. But now in the 2007-08 time we need to put this to rest. If you have ever seen WeeGordie....he got strong from the protein he got from the mail and chopping wood. Our young kids should see that movie and start swinging an axe.

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