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  • Quote from flyzguy

    I think if the ring had different threads then the drug conversation could stay there, and we wouldn't have to search through all the e-pollution on the ring to get to the posts that don't have to do with drugs. It's really annoying when I have to read every post to find decent info. If I didn't want to read urban myths about steroids, then I could simply not click that thread.

    I know that it would very scary for many of us to accept a change of "the ring" but let's face it, as much as we all love and adore it, the technology sucks, and makes these flaming drug wars unavoidable. I do not want to bash K. Carr here at all. I love his work like I love the work of the wright brothers. He created something wonderful that still works today. Its helped so many people. Kevin Rocks. It's just that it could work a lot better, that's all my opinion boils down to.

    If we don't want to make any big scary changes, then we could at least learn to use subjects that reflect the SUBJECT of the conversation. Not attempts at witty lean-ins to the post: "You know what I THINK...", not personal messages "RE: MrSHOTPUT", just a tag that lets everyone browsing know what you are talking about. It's all we have got as far as message organization on this wonderful, addicting, but outdated forum.

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  • Quote from 70footer

    I don't know if anyone has seen it yet , but there is a new snickers commercial , and they tell this Viking that they are all out of snickers, so he is so upset, he picks up an oil barrel filled with garbage and shotputs it across the parking lot into someones car!!....I have seen it a couple times and looks like the guy throwing actually might BE a SHOTPUTTER....the guy really launches the damn barrel, anyone know if it is someone WE know???

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  • Quote from LetItRip


    I forgot to mention that this was my opinion coming from a part time high school coach. Thats why i mentioned the commitment part. Depending on yours or your athletes time and commitment, it has a huge effect on the ultimate level of technique achieved of course. In my experience, i have had had kids that were able to do well with the glide in a few weeks, where that is just not possible with the rotational SP. Again, reason i veered to this angle is i believe its been proven that tall or short athletes can master either based on athleticsm, commitment, and support system.


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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    Did you read ABG post last night? It was said that Silvester suggested that Drug Tests be stopped. Why? Does anyone know HOW much these test Cost? How much money is spent on them? I bet is much more then what is put into development! Why don't we have more money into Development? That way we'd have better training camps for up and coming athletes. Part of the training would be Health and wellness! You could have those throwers camps we used to do...and bring in someone like Brian Oldfield and he could show off his legs.... and that would make you think not to use! Ever see his legs? Even I got sick looking at them. See, we need to see some changes, Ever see an entrance to the olympic games? how many athletes, compared to the officials walking in the openning ceremonies for the US Team? Of course, this is the USOC....but I'm sure they double with the USATF....Maybe Too Top Heavy?

    published at Oct 17th 2007 12:41am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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