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    The suggestion to name ,names is a real bad one. There is no honor or integrity in this suggestion and is right out of ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. The fact is some choose to take drugs and most of us know who they are , and in most cases they are still champions in my book, which is all I care about. Furthermore I would suggest that if anyone does name names we should bar them from this post forever! it is a matter of personal integrity and I don't think anything more should be said about the subject.

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    I have won 3 of the 4. Matsers are for those who can't let go. I do not compete in them. My name is not important. The friends I have and drugs I have seen are what is important. The 80's were a time of open use in many circles and friends have spoken openly. Don't you just miss the 80's. Just remember Tucson/phoenix is home to many drug running "phamacias". They know little of doctor patient confidentiality. Not hard to track down names from shipping and trainer black books. Trainners are so dirty. Everyone seems to know everyone. Special thanks to Gordy.

    I just need a few more to say everyones favorite catch phrase "name that thrower" and I shall begin. So lets hear it.

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    I may have missed somthing that is central to what you are saying but I'm sure that the past should have no effect on the future unless we continue to conjure up old speculations about certain generations. Let's lay all out there, certain docs perscribed to certain athletes and then turned around and called them cheaters. Who is to balme for this? Well the athlete that made the choice but doesn't the system bare any responsibility? Aren't they the ones the aided in the lies? The point is is it will all be the same lie until the system chages iin order to make it possible for the athlete to make better choinces as they will be able to be professional weight persons and have the ability to make a living instead of a few the battle in every way for a few scraps while the brass get bonuses for endorsement deals.

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    Hi: C.B. Nebraska. Norm three posts in one month-Imust be getting upset. Glad we are professional and can agree to disagree.John Smith - I think I will drive to your place someday so you can help implementing some ideas into my brain. Then we could discuss Terri and Tressa-two of Nebraska's better throwers. Names - who gives a hoot. If scratch wants to give the info he will, if not who cares. Why do we get back to some throwing questions and answers on technical throwing. Since two heart attachs I am a little cynical when I see young paople get stressed over little snid remarks, I am not overtly religious because I think the big guy has a reason for me to be here so therefore #1.) Spell 'SIN' without the "I" #2 He without sin cast the first stone. We should move on men. Thanks for reading if you did, If you didn't we don't have a problem. Sory I can't make National Throws, have sons coming in a week early to hunt and I had really planned on this year because of the date change. Best to all. Thro loud and far. Chuck Bolton - Nebraska tYPED NOT PROOFED. aka N2THROS

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    fe fe haka!!! Tonga jack !! thanks for the applause...I recall some kid writing me earlier this year to say he had watched the video before each meet....with that in mind I made this one , he might appreciate it as it is a technique comparison of spinners.
    good luck.


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    With MAC trying to give out my address its a possibility LOL. Why should I talk if none want to listen? I leave it to the peolpe to decide. I shouldn't have to say my name. A clever person could have already figured it out. Several people that post regularly know who I am. It has not been kept a secret when talking in person. On the ring I shall stay anonymous.

    published at Oct 16th 2007 12:18am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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