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  • Quote from Montana

    I coach at a small high school and our requirements say that there has to be 1 coach per 15 - 20 athletes. This is due to cover your a** liability. In the day of lawsuits against teachers/coaches you have to C.Y.A. and talk and write letters to administration and board members stating that it is a safety issue. (Cannot supervise in a safe manner). Not to say that you are not capable of supervising 30 - 40 throwers. If your school does not cut and you would like too, the safety issue is always a point to make with administration. 3 things could happen. 1. Hire another coach 2. Allow you to make cuts 3. They do nothing, someone gets hurt and it

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  • Quote from Dan McQuaid

    JRapp makes a good point. If my memory is correct, he put the shot about 23 feet as a high school freshman. Seven years later he was DIII national champ. So you can't cut those young guys based on how far they throw. And I don't. I cut them based on attitude. If they jag around in the weightroom or show no interest in improving their technique, they are cordially invited to find another sport. If, like the young JRapp, they show they are willing to sacrifice to get better then I keep them. Saves everybody a lot of trouble and keeps my blood pressure stable.

    --Dan McQuaid

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  • Quote from Scratch

    The answer to all questions in competitive events is as Al said it is. "Just win baby" It doesn't matter what you do. Cut the loser dedicated kids. To reply to Hunter. Keep the lazy kids that throw far. Because kids that throw far win. Somebody did roids, so what, they won. The world loves winners.
    "If you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin."

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  • Quote from Scratch

    Ever? Wow! I guess that means its a record.

    Why? The point of having any kind of competition is to win. If not go do something social and not COMPETE. ( I now owe a fee to Carl Brown for using caps). Its the job of the officials to catch the athletes. If you foul a throw and the off. doesn't catch it then it is a fair throw regardless if the athlete knows it or not.

    This is a good reason to yell really big and loud at some smaller meets on a couple throws but not all, because some lesser officials will watch the shot on the yells allowing for some extra inches to the ring.
    It even happens at larger meets more than you think. To get specific Cantwell's heel at the toeboard.

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  • Quote from saminal

    I have some success getting the underclassman to teach & do drills with middle school kids and freshman. After about mid season groups by aptitude form and can be broken out so groups are generally at the same skill levels. I have found that this teaches leadership and even some of the problem kids when given responsibilty to teach change attitudes.

    The most gifted seem to always get short changed. I have rationalized that I am only really getting a gifted thrower started and a broad base and experiences across the board are best. I do not think sports specialization in High School is a good idea. I think we should build as good a base for future whatever as possible.

    I am lucky I can work with kids anytime I want and indoors. So I cheat because all I do is Coach.

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  • Quote from saminal

    It seems like people are trying to straight line project and over simplify what could be a good subject. If some cycles on just because they are off for x period of time does not mean the gains ever go away. If you icrease your base it will almost always be above what it would have if clean always. Obviously everone has unique phisiology so one cannot extrapolate so simply.

    One thing for sure it is damn discouraging having to explain to a young person who loves the sport and is talented and dedicated enough to be world class; that they may never know what they are competiting against.

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  • Quote from Coach Rodney

    The world loves winners? There is part of the world that if you didn't win, you went to jail or lost your life. 40-50-60 years ago, you were taught to win. In the 30's and 40's one country taught that to their young men, that Jews and coloreds and others should be wiped from our land. Our world at times have been so scary and today its going that way again. Cutting kids because you have to many? What, you just want to work with the best? You don't have time to work with a kid with two left feet? The kid with cement in their shoes? What you don't want to be seen as their hero? or someone who took that extra moment of time to see a young boy or girl improve by an inch to see that smile on their faces when they improved by a foot. Many have forgotten about John Wayne and apple pie, Many on here didn't know John Wayne! At the HS level, many are there to learn, few become champions, and if that young boy or girl improve with knowledge, technigue, strength and distance don't they become winners!? Let the college coaches weed the kids out that they can't handle. You the HS coach you need to be that hero in the eyes of your young throwers.

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