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    You seem to not understand the term potential. A good coach makes something good out of potential. Mr. Nelson had potential but had yet to realize it. A good coach should also be able to see those with no potential and who are wasting everyone elses time. These posts have been about getting better. To do so we need to thin our throwing herds of kids who are fooling themselves and focus on winning. Winning is, say it with me Smach, is the point of getting better. You can not create something from nothing. That is creation ex nihilo, so your statement is the one containing no logic, or rational thought. For the kid to even get better he has to have some sort of potential hiding in their, not all kids do. Who knows maybe your idea of success is lower than what i consider success.

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    all great points by "letitrip" but I think the point I was shooting for is for example if Bonds is hitting 70 home runs because he is on the juice , that doesn't necessarily make him a cheater, the plain truth is that the guy pitching the ball is juiced too! so the point of Barnes being the best is the same , and we get a little naive at this point , because we don't want to believe that everyone is on the stuff at a certain level. but I think in my experience it is true.
    there is no way to prove any of this and what I am saying is that until a blood test is done rather than a urine sample , there will always be a way to get past the test for most. and I for one am not discounting anything that anyone does regardless becuase I think they are all on....so I am still impressed by the likes of Barnes and Bonds. and really they are the best out there and in history.
    I can wish for a clean world but know it is not happening now...and if we were all clean I think the same athletes would win that way too , simply because champions are champions. and while these are my views, there is no one right way to view this if all the facts are clearly there....you guys will have your own thoughts...but know this Barnes was a bad ass for the ages and left it on the history books....and he was a product of his time and other competitors that were not caught were walking the same road too.

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